The Duck Commander's thoughts on flyways, aiming, and decoys

Phil Robertson says there are three ways to aim when duck hunting.
The Duck Commander's thoughts on flyways, aiming, and decoys

Editor’s note: This interview took place in 2010, before Duck Dynasty debuted, and it’s been so popular that we decided to update it with some never-before-printed quotes and tips from Phil.

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The Duck Commander's thoughts on


There’s three ways to kill ’em. You can get right on what you want to shoot, you know if you shoot right at him, he’s moving — your pattern is going to be behind him. So one way is to get on him and swing through him and pull the trigger. The other way is to start out in front of him to start with, and gauge it. The last way is to get about on him, and just jerk out in front of him. I tend to do that. I’m a jerk man. It is a legitimate method. I’m not a big shotgunner, but I’ve shot at a lot of them, so there you go.

You’d be surprised how much shot blows around. Especially in a stiff wind. I’ve raised up with cripples sitting on the water and shot at them and the pattern ends up two feet to the right of them.


We would rather use swimming ducks than flapping ducks. We put them around the hole, in the brush. The ducks see the ripples. We never put decoys out in front of us. Never. We never put decoys where we want the ducks to end up. We put them everywhere but there.


It’s only difficult in three of the flyways. The central flyway has the least amount of sanctuaries. Hands down, without a doubt the best flyway is the central flyway for duck hunting, because it’s the least disturbed by man.


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