Thinking about playing some of the dog games? Field trial, hunt test, NSTRA or NAHRA, each has its merits. These terms will help you fit in a bit faster:

  • AA: All Age dog, as defined by AKC, competes in All Age stakes, which are open to a dog of any age.
  • Breakaway: A brace of dogs released simultaneously to begin a field trial run, usually commanded by the judge.
  • Derby Stake: Field trial competition for dogs between six months of age and no more than two years of age.
  • Green broke: Often the same as a “started” dog, indicates some level of training in obedience and elementary hunting skills, usually including pointing.
  • Line Manners: A term used to describe how a dog acts while sitting at the "line" under judgment.
  • Pick up: Taken out of competition and removed from the field. In a field trial, a dog is “picked up” at the order of a judge.
  • Retired Gun: Used in multiple marks, after an assistant has thrown the item to be retrieved, he or she moves to a concealed location so when the dog returns to the line and looks out to their mark, the assistant (“gun”) is hidden from view.

There! You’ll at least know what people are talking about when you show up … and that’s a great start to a field trial or hunt test hobby.

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