From his book to his blog to his  television show Wingshooting USA, Scott Linden is obsessed with new and better ways to train hunting dogs. His Real Bird Bumper is another example. Created to solve the myriad problems dog owner-trainers face, it is the result of his own experience in hunt tests and hunting coverts.
Linden deems it “the most realistic retrieving dummy in the world. Same shape, weight and size as the real thing.” It has a 1000-denier Cordura “skin” to encourage a whole mouth grab. The life-like body is floppy like a shot bird, with an articulated wing to familiarize dogs with the challenges of navigation while “blindfolded” (lock it down for pups to discourage cheating). There are no hard plastic parts to poke a dog’s eye or encourage head grabbing, no rigid foam to encourage hard mouth, and it floats.
Linden says it’s “the most expensive retrieving bumper on the market and worth it!” Made in USA, it is endorsed by dog trainers Ronnie Smith and George Hickox.
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