Wildlife Research Center Celebrates 30 Years

New Scent Killer Gold Autumn Formula and more add to this proven scent, scent-elimination lineup.
Wildlife Research Center Celebrates 30 Years

John Burgeson and his brother Brian got their start in the outdoors in a different manner than most. The boys would actually receive a five-cent bounty from their father for every mouse they could catch out of the family barn. The duo's mouse-catching escapades soon gave way to a burning love of the outdoors that would never be extinguished. In 1983, the Burgeson brothers launched Wildlife Research Center. Their first product, Trail's End #307 deer lure, remains a top-seller for the company today.

"At Wildlife Research we focus on one thing, and that's scent and scent elimination," said Communications Director Ron Bice. "We don't dabble or put our effort into anything else. Our goal, and I believe we are achieving this goal, is to provide hunters with top-end scents and products that control human odor. Staying focused on only these two categories, I believe, allows us to make the best products to attract wildlife as well as keep human scent under control. Scent Killer Gold was tested at Rutgers University and found to be over 99-percent effective at stopping replicated human odor 10 days after it had dried.

"Our goal for 2013 is to continue to introduce our Gold Line of scent-elimination products. Our Scent Killer Gold Spray as well as the other items in the line, are moving incredibly well. The spray itself is an amazing product. The true advantage of this product is that it allows hunters to 'pretreat' their hunting clothing after it has been washed and dried. All they need to do is hang their garments in a scent-free area, saturate them completely in Scent Killer Gold Spray, and let them dry. Upon drying the garments can be worn right away, but if stored in a scent-free container, can be pulled out and used a week, a month, or even two months later. This saves the hunter from having to hunt in wet, just-sprayed clothing, and helps keep cost down. For 2013, we have added Scent Killer Gold Autumn Formula to the line."

Wildlife Research Center doesn't take a back seat in the attractant scent department either. Bice had this to say about WRC's newest attractant: "We are really excited about Golden Scrape. This is an ultra-premium scent that you can use in mock scrapes and natural scrape locations, by adding it to our Magnum Scrape-Dripper. It is a territorial scent that is a perfect blend of Golden Estrus and intruding buck scents. It's a very powerful scent that will stay active longer."

As for what the future holds for Wildlife Research Center, Bice noted that the company plans on staying true to its roots.

"We will continue to focus on the one thing that has taken us this far — scent and scent-elimination. As long as we continue to bring new and innovative products to the industry, honor our 100-percent money-back guarantee, and provide the highest level of service possible, we will be around for a long time."

More Information: (800) 873-5873; www.wildlife.com


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