Whitetail Journal's Quick Look: 2018 Land Management Tools and Resources

Products highlighted in this Quick Look range from implements and tractors to minerals and seeds. It's a go-to list for 2018 land management tools and resources.
Whitetail Journal's Quick Look: 2018 Land Management Tools and Resources

If you can't seem to find success with your food plots or maybe you're over run with weeds and can't win, you can always look at this way:

"What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered." — Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Or, instead, you can optimize the plants you're gonna plant — those that have already been discovered — with the assistance of these fine products.

American LandMaster

American LandMaster offers hunters a complete line of utility vehicles designed to Make Your Life Easier. Every American LandMaster UTV is built from the frame up in Columbia City, Indiana. Raw tube steel is bent, welded, powder coated and assembled for every frame, and mated with low-maintenance, air-cooled engines from Vanguard or Kohler. This provides consumers a straightforward, affordable product built in the USA by an American-owned company. Additionally, every American LandMaster UTV is covered by a warranty with the best combination of coverage and duration in the industry. Accessories like winches, gun racks, camo hoods, and light bars allow the customer to maximize the vehicle for their specific use. Offering 2WD, 4WD, electric and crew units, with most well under $10,000, American LandMaster is redefining UTV value. MSRP: Varies

Info: www.americanlandmaster.com

Kunz Engineering

Kunz Engineering builds the heaviest duty and highest performance pull behind mowers in the industry. Choose from either a 44-inch or 57-inch deck size with engines ranging from 19 to 27 horsepower. These mowers are designed to be easily pulled directly behind or fully offset to the side of ATVs and UTVs. The AcrEase design also features a 4-tire system, a unique twin blade design and a 2-inch to 8-inch adjustable cutting height. Optional kits are available to customize for different applications. MSRP: Varies

Info: www.kunzeng.com

Ani Logics Mineral Dirt 180

Studies of deer across the country show that macro-minerals like calcium and phosphorus (the ones that are always the focus of discussions) are rarely deficient in white-tailed deer. But key micro-minerals such as copper, zinc, selenium and manganese, are almost always deficient in the livers and circulating blood of deer. Studies reveal that supplementation with these minerals, such as with Ani Logics’ Mineral Dirt 180, has been shown to increase antler growth. Ani-Logics’ use of chelated minerals, in which minerals are bound to a protein, helps increase absorption in the body by up to 70 percent. This makes these minerals more available and useful to the deer. Mineral Dirt® 180 also contains Ani-Shield TX4® Technology, designed to promote whitetail deer health and antler growth. MSRP: $20.99

Info: www.anilogics.com

Great Plains Mounted No-Till Drill

Properly seeded and maintained food plots provide an abundant food supply along with protective coverage for wild game. The 3P806NT from Great Plains is an 8-foot mounted no-till drille compact enough to appeal to small-acreage food plot managers, yet robust enough to tackle larger pasture seeding and reclamation projects. The 3P806NT utilizes field-proven 06 Series Openers that combine precise seed placement with rugged dependability. Choice of either 5/16" fluted or 5/8" Turbo Coulters are preloaded to 450 pounds of penetrating force per row. Opener discs are 4mm thick for maximum strength and longevity, and have a quarter-inch offset to aid in soil penetration. The standard rear lift assist wheels help carry the load while reducing the tractor’s 3-point lifting demands. Multiple seed box combinations can be configured to plant up to three different types of seed simultaneously at different rates. Six-foot and ten-foot models are also available. MSRP: Varies

Info: www.greatplainsag.com 

ABC Seed Mix

Since 1946, Adams-Briscoe Seed Company has recommended special "ABC" seed mixes for improvement of wildlife food and habitat, and for conservation and environmental uses. Adams-Briscoe Seed Company tries to provide customers with quality seed and related items at fair prices. We offer service that is often not available from other companies, along with product knowledge to help you in selecting the seeds to best serve your needs. We have our own wildlife seed mix formulas; however, we also offer custom blends mixed to your specifications on request.

Info: www.abseed.com

Monroe Tufline Cultipacker

Monroe Tufline has added the DCP Series Cultipacker, designed for proper seedbed preparation and to help reduce wind and water erosion. The Cultipacker helps prevent moisture loss and helps assure proper seed germination by forming a firm and level seedbed. The 16-inch cast iron notched wheels are trunnion mounted with 1 1/8-inch triple-sealed ball bearings and are heavy enough to pulverize hard clods. These models come in 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-foot widths. Each size includes hydraulic lift cylinder, hydraulic hoses, tire and rim assembly, clevis type hitch, safety chain and hydraulic cylinder transport lock out. The DCP Cultipacker is the latest in proven tillage equipment designed and engineered to exceed their performance requirements. Tufline’s product lines for the agricultural and industrial markets prove to stand up to their motto: Well Built, Performance Driven. MSRP: Varies

Info: monroetufline.com/

Real World’s Maximizer Deer Mineral

Real World’s Maximizer Deer Mineral was developed after more than 20 years of extensive research and observation with captive whitetails as well as wild deer. Unlike other salt-dominated products, which offer very little nutritional benefit to deer, Maximizer Deer Mineral is specifically formulated with more than 20 micro- and macro-nutrients. This combination provides whitetail deer the nutritious supplement to help maintain body health and maximize their antler growth potential. Many of the macro- and micro-nutrients in Maximizer Deer Mineral are in precise proportion to each other for optimal results. These include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, cobalt and others that are key to whitetail development. MSRP: $18.99 and up

Info: www.RealWorldWildlifeProducts.com

Rack One Whitetail System

Rack One Whitetail System consists of three different phases to help whitetail deer achieve maximum potential: Grow, Scout and Hunt. The Grow Phase includes the Thrive pellet and Xcellerator mineral products, which provide necessary nutrients to support antler growth 365 days a year. The Scout Phase features Amped, a premium whitetail attractant that can be used as a year-round, stand-alone product. The final phase of the system— the Hunt Phase— includes Rut Fuel, a premium whitetail attractant intensified for the hunting season. MSRP: Varies

Info: www.HuntRackOne.com

Buck Lunch

Buck Lunch, a wildlife food plot company, has lowered prices on its entire line of sugar beet seeds. The 4-pound bag, a signature product, plants 1/2 acre broadcast and 1 acre with a planter. While adding sugar beet offerings for folks with smaller food plots, from 2,750 square feet to 1/4 acre, Buck Lunch has added a new line of "Breakfast Blends" along with other changes. According to Colter Kinner, Buck Lunch's new 'SeedEO,' "being hunters, we get what it means to you, and we've rebuilt Buck Lunch with you in mind. Our focus is simple: your success! We proudly offer hunters only the best seed, and tried and tested food plot designs, at competitive prices, while also providing the support they need for success." MSRP: $39.99

Info: www.BuckLunch.com

Earthway 2750 Seeder/Spreader

The Earthway 2750 Seeder/Spreader is the ultimate tool for preparing and maintaining your remote food plots. The 2750 features a “rocking agitator” that spreads all types of seeds or granular materials evenly and quickly, with spread widths of up to 20 feet. Spread in wet or hilly areas easy and keep the seeds dry with a heavy-duty, water resistant zippered nylon bag. The 2750 will hold up to 15 pounds of seeds. The spreader includes bag supports that hold the bag open, which make filling it much easier. MSRP: About $40

Info: www.earthway.com

Branson Tractor 00 Series

The Branson Tractor 00 Series models offer a wide variety of features to help you care for your home and farm needs. The 00 Series tractors are available in manual or hydrostatic transmission with a fuel-efficient 24-horsepower engine. With exceptional ground clearance, the 00 Series tractors are easy to maintain and can accept many attachments including snowblowers, mid-mount mowers, loaders, backhoes and more. These tractors are perfect for wildlife food plots. MSRP: Varies

Info: www.BransonTractor.com

Herd Evolution Spring-Summer

Providing nutritious, digestable food year-round is a cornerstone to healthier deer, which is the basis for the Herd Evolution line of supplements. The new Spring-Summer mix is comprised of 20 percent protein blended with the highest digestible amount of nutrients and vitamins for optimal growth and health when less energy is required to survive. The Herd Evolution feed is 100% digestible and contains high-quality ingredients like dried molasses and  cracked corn, along with protein and nutrients. For optimal results, Herd Evolution’s Spring/Summer mix is best distributed through a gravity feeder. Other methods can also be used such as scattering feed in areas where deer are known to travel and bed, or using a sling feeder. MSRP $19.99

Info: www.HerdEvolution.com

Brillion Till ‘N Seed

The Brillion Till ‘N Seed can operate under a wide variety of conditions and accurately plant a multitude of seed varieties and seed mixtures. The Till ‘N Seed utilizes ground driven tillage and seed placement rotors that are self-cleaning to allow for operation in high residue conditions. These unique features make the Till ‘N Seed the ideal tool for seeding into existing turf, renovating pastures, restoring athletic fields and lawns and planting food plots.

Info: www.landoll.com


Featured Photo: Rack One Whitetail System


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