What’s new in deer hunting gear and gadgets?

Here’s a batch of great gear and gadgets that will capture your imagination like the proverbial deer in the headlights.
What’s new in deer hunting gear and gadgets?

The fall hunting season is still months away, yet what better way to pass the time than to check out a batch of great new products that promise to make your season more fun and successful? Here’s a batch of great gear and gadgets that will capture your imagination like the proverbial deer in the headlights:


The Sportster Bandolier Scoped Handgun Holster has a Nylon web sight channel and is a handy and safe solution for carrying a scoped handgun into the field whether you’re left- or right-handed. It’s made of durable 600-denier polyester laminate with removable flaps that hold the firearm in place. It comes in three sizes, small to fit barrels up to 6 inches, medium for barrels up to 8½ inches, and large for barrels up to 10 ½ inches. MSRP $29; www.blackhawk.com

BOG Gear

BOG Gear introduces its new Wide Body Shooting Rest for use with all BOG-POD shooting sticks. The Wide Body provides extra stability at any distance for virtually any shooter due to its unique 4-inch-wide rubber-covered top. Like all quick-change accessories available for BOG-POD shooting sticks, it quickly “pops” directly onto the head of any BOG-POD shooting stick and swivels 360 degrees. It’s lightweight and compact and carries a limited lifetime warranty. MSRP $49; www.boggear.com


Brite-Strike introduces the fourth generation APALS (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The green light spots have been a huge hit with hunters to mark the way to a tree stand in the dark, because the green color is not detected by game animals. They feature an Easy Pull Tab (easy to peel off when wearing gloves) and are much brighter than the previous versions with a run time of more than 80 hours. The tiny glow can be seen up to half a mile away and operates in steady-on, slow strobe, and fast strobe. Ten-pack MSRP $39; www.brite-strike.com

Champion Target

The Pivot Traverse Bi-Pod allows a hunter to stay on moving game, switching between animals, or at the range, engage multiple targets with a smooth rotation or a steady hold. Its innovative traversing technology enables a shooter to horizontally track back and forth, which expands the field of fire and produces increased shooting options — all without having to reposition the rifle. The rapid-adjust lever lock lets shooters go from a fluid swiveling motion to rock-steady lock-down in seconds. The bipod easily attaches to sling swivel studs, has spring-return telescoping tubular legs and features a durable, all-metal construction. MSRP $72; www.championtarget.com


Grohmann Knives


Like a step back in time, the DH Russell Belt Knife is an original-design hunting knife, created after trial and testing with hunters and trappers in the Far North back in the 1950s. It features a comfortable grip for game dressing, a unique elliptical blade to lessen cutting drag, and palm and finger fitting offset handle for a safer grip. You can select from various steel, grind and handle options. Grohmann Knives are known for high quality materials, along with unique designs and talented craftspeople. MSRP: $96; www.gknives.com


Havalon Knives

The Piranta-Bolt features a blaze orange ABS handle, black rubber grip insert, open back for easy cleaning, ambidextrous thumb studs, liner lock and removable pocket clip. The 20-percent-thicker blades deliver 30 percent more strength, which should be a big help to knife users who tend to break blades. The Piranta line features long handles and strong blades that weight just 1.6 ounces, and comes with a nylon holster. Havalon’s replaceable blades eliminate the need to carry heavy skinning knives, sharpeners and whetstones into the field. MSRP $49; www.havalon.com


J&B Pro Outfitters

These heirloom-quality tripod shooting sticks are custom made to the shooter’s height and can be taken down in seconds for transportation or for shooting from a sitting position. The PH Series sticks (shown) are made from ¾-inch tiger maple wood — the same wood often used to make lacrosse shafts. The sticks are finished in an octagon shape and protected with an exterior urethane satin finish. The tops of the sticks are covered with top grade cowhide leather to protect the owner’s firearm. MSRP $279.99; www.jbprooutfitters.com



The BowSharp Blade Sharpener is a multifunctional tool featuring five different essential tools for archers combined in one portable package. The Tungsten Carbide sharpening element plays double duty and is specifically designed to sharpen knives and broadheads. By extending the sharpening element to the outside of the handle you can sharpen broadheads safely, and with greater accuracy. Unique is the collapsible tool kit integrated into the handle and features a full set of eight Allen wrenches ranging from 5/64 to 7/32 as well as both a flat head and Philips head screwdriver. The body of the sharpener features a rubberized grip to make it safe and easy to use in wet or dry conditions. MSRP $16; www.lansky.com



MTM Case-Gard


The Survivor Ammo Can was designed to secure important essentials that may be needed in the future and will hide important documents, gear and even emergency food underground. The capsule is completely waterproof and weatherproof with a double O-ring seal and uniquely designed protective cap. It can be used to store ammo and handguns, document, coins, jewelry, survival gear, emergency cash, food and emergency water purification gear. Sometimes the safest place to store things is right underfoot. MSRP $29; www.mtmcase-gard.com


Powerhouse Products

Light up camp, charge up radios and operate cameras and computers with the 2000Wi portable inverter generator from Powerhouse. Quiet, compact, and weighing just 67 pounds, the 2000Wi delivers up to 2000 watts of AC power, which is safe for electronic equipment. Features include one 20-amp duplex receptacle, internal circuit breaker, emergency stop control, spark arrester, and a convenient carry handle. The 2000Wi comes with an oil jug, 12-volt charge cable, spare spark plug, spark plug wrench and handle, oil drain extension, and user’s manual. MSRP $574; www.powerhouse-products.com



The SagenSaw is a compact, lightweight field-dressing saw that allows you to quickly and safely cut through the pelvic bone while cleaning big game without puncturing the colon or bladder. The saw’s unique “bumper” makes it less likely to rupture organs. http://test4.gondtc.com/ssi.htmlIt also works well on the rib cage and leg bones. The SagenSaw I was developed to field-dress deer, sheep, antelope and black bear. The SagenSaw II is 30 percent bigger and longer for elk, moose, and grizzly bear. Both saws come with a camouflage nylon sheath. MSRP $21-$28; www.sageninc.com



As we hunt, our bodies naturally give off moisture and odor which settles in our clothing, boots and gear. For a fresh start each hunt, put those items in the 33-gallon ScentMaster Box, where a powerful one-horsepower motor recirculates heated air, removing all moisture and scent from your clothing, boots and accessories. Additionally, the replaceable activated carbon filters capture any residual odors from your clothing. The ScentMaster Box is not a magic product, but a key part of an over-all scent control program. MSRP $395; www.scentmasterbox.com



Sawyer Permethrin products not only repel insects, they actually kill ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, mites and more than 55 other kinds of insects on contact, making it ideal to use on clothing, tents and other gear. Permethrin binds to the fabric, eliminating the risk of overexposure to the skin. It’s odorless when dry and will not stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces or any outdoor gear. A single application lasts six washings or 42 days of outdoor exposure. MSRP $12; www.sawyer.com


SRB Field Rests


Whether shotgun, rifle, or bowhunting (including the crossbow hunter), the versatile SRB Field Rests (gun rest) includes two sturdy steel sockets which are inserted into the ground or can be driven into frozen ground. Two durable plastic rests are then inserted into the sockets, creating two cradles for the gun or crossbow. The SRB archery set includes two 31-inch extensions. With the rests in the extensions, your bow or crossbow will be cradled 34 inches above the ground in easy reach. MSRP $24 (gun rests), $39 (archery rests), $29 (single archery rest); www.srbfieldrests.com


Watson Airlock

Organizing gear and travel are two challenges any aggressive hunter will face, and this unique new bag is packed with solutions. With wheels and a skid plate, it’s portable and big enough for lots of gear — 24x18x15 with premium YKK zippers and hardware. It features a lower compartment ideal for boots and heavy gear, while the upper opens to a fold-out mat for changing clothes, a detachable tree stand/field pack, high strength handles, and AirLock technology to keep gear dry and lock out odors. Available in Mossy Oak, Realtree and Lost camo patterns. MSRP $229; www.watsonairlock.com


Blind Webb

Blind Webb helps you easily reduce the visibility of your blind using local foliage. Blind Webb’s bungee cord “webb” stretches to attach to almost any eye-bolt-type blind up to 74 inches tall. Once installed, use local foliage to brush out your blind, and the result is almost total concealment. In addition, the Blind Webb brushing will help conceal the blind’s shiny fabric surface and reduce wind movement. It weighs only 3 1/2 pounds and comes with a handy net storage bag. MSRP $59; www.blindwebb.com



The EOTech 512.Xbow sight is a new holographic sight designed specifically for the crossbow platform, offering four one-MOA aiming dots for precise targeting. Included with the sight is the Xbow Ballistic Wheel that provides point-of-impact distance solutions for any arrow speed. Zero the sight at 20 yards, align the dial to your crossbow speed, then shoot at the other distances to confirm. A handy sticker attaches to the limb to record data. The Xbow sight weighs just under 11 ounces and mounts to both 1-inch Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails. It has a run time of 1,000 hours when powered by two AA lithium batteries. MSRP $589; www.eotech.com


Gunn Innovations

This unique jag for muzzleloaders is designed to spin with the bullet when traveling down the rifling of the barrel, easing loading pressure and properly centering projectiles. This two-in-one muzzleloader tool quickly and efficiently cleans rifling by rotating with a patch. The SpinJag and bullet follow the rifling reducing the chance of damaging the bullet or stripping the rifling from bullet or sabot. The hollowed-head design accepts a wide variety of bullets, including those with a polymer tip. The Original SpinJag is available in .32, .36, .40, .45, .50, .52, .54 and .58 calibers. MSRP $17-19; www.spinjag.com



Knight & Hale


Knight & Hale have created a rattling system called Da’ Bonehead, a two-piece call device that’s very compact, making it as easy to use as it is to carry. Simply pull the two halves apart and reveal the handles that double as sound chambers. Place the buck’s head against the six-sided antler base and twist back and forth. To create the deeper sounds of mature bucks fighting, grip the handles tighter as you rotate the call. It’s easy to use and you won’t bloody your knuckles or jab yourself with an antler tine. MSRP $24; www.knightandhale.com



Quiet, fast and flexible best describe this new bow. Limbsaver has been the industry standard for vibration dampening and silencing for a decade, and the new Proton has all the silencing features you would expect plus seven distinct setting options so you can adjust the bow to your best shooting skills, in the garage or in the field, without risking a re-tune. Each parallel limb comes standard with a Broadband Limbsaver, a unique device that tames vibration and noise upon release. The Dual Track Cam System applies equal cable-load to both sides of the cam for a perfect alignment and zero cam lean. IBO rated 330-335 FPS. MSRP $999; www.limbsaver.com



The 2013 Seat-of-the- Pants (SOP) lineup consists of three models of the Summit Tactical Series harnesses: STS Fastback, STS Pro and STS Deluxe. All three models include numerous important features such as bungee tether, elastic bandoleer shoulder strap piece, bungee dummy line (to attach rangefinder, trimmers, etc.), ammunition holder, silent cloth D-rings, bow holder on harness belt, safety rope with prussic knot and extra clip. The STS Pro and STS Deluxe have integrated side pockets for additional storage and a binocular slide holder for added convenience. MSRP $99-149; www.summitstands.com

Tree Stand Buddy

This unique bracket system offers a quick, smart, quiet and safe way to mount hang-on tree stands utilizing a “receiver” system that enables the user to mount brackets on multiple trees and then simply move their stands, saving the cost of buying multiple stands. This device allows you to mount a stand quickly and remove it when you are finished, preventing others from using the stand in your absence, learning of the stand location, or possibly stealing the stand. MSRP $99; www.treestandbuddy.com



Three new Endeavor HD spotting scopes are offered in 65mm angled, 65mm straight, and 82mm straight. Each has a rubber-armored magnesium body and is waterproof-submersible, nitrogen-filled, and fog proof. The optical system employs HD fluorite, low dispersion glass for accurate color rendition and the elimination of fringing. The eyepieces zoom from 15-45X on the 65mm and 20-60X on the 82mm. A built-in sunshield is included to eliminate glare. All models are equipped with fine and coarse focusing wheels for quick focus and precision fine-tuning adjustments. MSRP $589-689; www.vanguardworld.com


Wild Game Innovations

The compact Halo Xtanium P1000X rangefinder has a 6X magnification and a maximum of 1,000 yards to reflective target. The AI Technology accounts for slope to the target while the scan mode is used for constant ranging, which allows ranging multiple targets with one touch of a button and is ideal for moving game. The non-slip, rugged housing provides a sure grip in all weather conditions, and the rubberized switches are large enough to locate when wearing gloves. The rangefinder is water-resistant, has a one-year warranty and operates on one CR2 Lithium Ion battery (not included). MSRP $299; www.wildgameinnovations.com


Bow Trainer

Bow Trainer’s versatility allows compound, traditional and competitive archers to simulate drawing a bow with variable draw weights up to 130 pounds. Bow Trainer’s three-step training program promotes gradual improvement in archery-specific muscle development while improving form and accuracy. It’s lightweight and can be used virtually anywhere, and it’s made in the USA. MSRP $45; www.bowtrainer.com




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