What is your favorite predator hunting call?

Mark Kayser wants to hear from you. What is your favorite sound to use and what predators respond to it the most eagerly?
What is your favorite predator hunting call?

Modern digital predator callers have so many choices and options I’m oftentimes reluctant to push a button in fear of sending out the wrong message. Nevertheless the space-age technology has given us more sounds to test on predators than ever before. You now have dozens of choices in birds alone, not to mention the monstrous selection of mammals to peruse before finding a suitable candidate to employ.

With that said you no longer need to rely on a single sound as you did a decade or more ago. Or do you. That’s the question I’m posing to you and prodding you to comment on. What is your favorite sound to use and what predators respond to it the most eagerly?

To get the ball rolling I’ll tell you my go-to sound. It’s actually a double whammy. I love to vocalize to coyotes and it puts a smile on my face when they talk back. But having them howl a response doesn’t always mean they’re on the way. That’s why toss in a handful of fawn-in-distress calls a few minutes into the setup. This way it sounds like coyote invaders have also raided the refrigerator. My South Dakota friend Dave Tatum uses a similar combination, but instead of a deer distress call he substitutes a pronghorn distress call. It’s deadly.

While interviewing predator enthusiast and Foxpro (www.gofoxpro.com) pro staffer Al Morris recently he confided in me that he’s growing fonder and fonder of off-the-wall sounds. One of his new favorites is the sound of feral hogs in distress. He’s even used it in my backyard of Wyoming with deathly results after his rabbit sounds went ignored.

“I may start out with standard calls, but if I’m not seeing results it’s time to move on and try something a little different than the norm,” Morris describes. “I think coyotes are morphing and likely it’s a factor of their life experiences, but by switching to unique sounds that aren’t typical it will increase your bag.”

So whether it’s a single sound or a combo, post your favorite sound in the comment section and let’s see if we can give that dying rabbit a run for its money.

Tell Mark Kayser what calls you like best in the comment section below.


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