Making An Effective Mineral Lick

Minerals are an important part of a deer’s diet, especially in the summer months. Think of them as a daily vitamin for your deer herd.

Mineral sites are not the same thing as putting out a salt block. Straight salt is an attractant more than it is a beneficial source of minerals for deer. A mineral site or “lick” is an area where deer come to consume valuable minerals, which improve muscle function, bone development, digestion, lactation and gestation. By keeping active mineral licks on your property you’re ensuring that deer have access to these important dietary needs. Mineral sites aren’t a guarantee for bigger racks on bucks, but they are one more vital piece of the management puzzle. Quality habitat is still the most important aspect, but minerals can fill a void in a deer’s diet and help with their overall health and antler development.

This spring on our Borrowed Acres property we replenished our mineral sites with Big Buck Mineral Formula. Big Buck Minerals feature a propriety mix of chelated minerals and vitamins. Chelated minerals are said to be absorbed faster and more efficiently in the deer’s body. This process allows the deer to fully utilize the minerals for better health and antler development. Big Buck Mineral Formula also includes a patent pending Green Antler Growth Granules, which they claim aids in growing longer tines and increased mass.

In this video I'll show you how we make mineral licks on our hunting property.


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