Feeding Deer Helps Keep A Healthy Herd On Your Land

Attracting deer is one thing, but giving them something that benefits their overall healthy is another. Big Tine is more than an attractant, it’s a health food for whitetails.

This summer and fall we’ve been feeding the deer on our property a supplement called Big Tine. While it has corn in it, it’s filled with a number of other beneficial grains as well as Whitetail Institutes 30-06 mineral blend.

As soon as we put Big Tine out this spring the deer were on it. The dry molasses and cherry flavoring that are added give it a highly attractive smell. The shell corn, blackoil sunflower seeds, cracked corn and milo kept the deer hanging around, too.

The real benefit of this product is the minerals and vitamins added to help the deer maintain quality health, but also give them all the nutrients needed to grow bigger bodies and antlers. It's like having a mineral lick incorporated into the deer's food.

Big Tine features Whitetail Institute’s 30-06 blend, which has easily digestible vitamins and minerals in it. These are the same types of minerals that bucks use in antler development as well as bone structure. Big Tine also provides a healthy does of vitamins A, D and E, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which have been shown to protect against heart disease, boost immune response and support reproductive function.

While there’s no supplement for improving habitat and native browse, Big Tine can definitely give your deer a boost to not only grow bigger antlers and bodies, but also keep them healthy.

Check out the Moultrie M-1100i HD video of two nice bucks feeding on Big Tine at our Borrowed Acres hunting property.


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