Slug Gun Accessories

Slug gun hunters will want to check out some of these products for the upcoming season.
Slug Gun Accessories

Savvy slug gun hunters know there’s more to a successful hunt than just having a good gun. Everything matters, from your slugs to the sight you look through to the maintenance of your gun. Bad choices or neglecting any of these accessories can make the difference in taking the buck of a lifetime. Here are several slug gun hunting accessories you need to know about.

Nikon Spot-On Custom Turret Technology

Nikon really changed the concept of shooting at ranges where you have to compensate for bullet trajectory with their Spot-On program. With slugs that have rainbow-like trajectories, this is very important, and this online and smartphone-compatible tool will tell you exactly where to aim with any Nikon scope.

Some folks like to click the trajectory adjustments in rather than hold high. With the new Nikon Spot-On Turret Technology and a unique online ordering program, Nikon will create a custom elevation turret for your scope that lets you just dial in the correct range for your slug gun and your load. You input the slug load you are using with the factory or actual chronographed muzzle velocity from your slug gun, and the program generates an elevation dial you can install on your Nikon scope. Then when you’re ready to take your shot, just turn the dial to the correct range, hold dead on and shoot.; (631) 547-4200.

Federal Trophy Copper Slugs

Federal’s new Trophy Copper Sabot Slug is a copper slug that incorporates some of the most advanced technology in the industry. The Trophy Copper Slug achieves better accuracy, less drop, manageable recoil (similar to a .30-06) and consistent penetration and expansion. A unique two-part sabot design achieves amazing accuracy through a clean launch and improved projectile support. The slug also provides deep penetration with ample expansion over a wide velocity range. This revolutionary slug is available in both 20- and 12-gauge and in 2 ¾- or 3-inch shells.; (800) 831-0850.

Galco Field Grade Zippered Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case

The last thing you want to do after making the investment for a new shotgun is fail to take care of it. This means you need to perform regular maintenance as well as look after the gun when transporting it to and from the field. Galco’s new Field Grade Zippered Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case is constructed of khaki cotton duck, lined with acrylic fleece and trimmed with rich dark Havana leather. It has an adjustable, leather carry handle/shoulder strap and a spacious exterior pocket. It will protect your slug gun with a high-class look.; (800) 874-2526.

Remington SQUEEG-E

For cleaning and protection, check out the SQUEEG-E bore cleaning device from Remington. This ingenious rubber cleaning rod attachment will push all the excess bore cleaner out of your slug barrel. The unique design squeegees deep into the rifling grooves. Remington is also offering a Fast Snap shotgun cleaning kit that contains a flexible T-handle rod, bore brush, patches and a 2-ounce bottle of Bright Bore. It will work with the SQUEEG-E and the kit is small enough to put in your hunting pack.; (800) 243-9700.


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