Product Profile: Seemz Technology

A whole new take on odor-eliminating technology that’s tailor-made for serious bowhunters everywhere.
Product Profile: Seemz Technology

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seemzJosh Clemence, president of SEEMZ Technology, describes himself as a married, 32-year-old father of two children—and a fanatic whitetail hunter who lives to be in the outdoors. His area of central Indiana near the Illinois border offers plenty of opportunity to hunt and observe big whitetails.

In fact, it was Clemence’s awareness of whitetail behavior that ultimately led to the formation of SEEMZ Technology. Clemence is also chief operating offi cer of a separate company in the cleaning compound line. So he has a professional as well as a personal interest in scrubbing the human body, garments and equipment free of odors that spook trophy deer, which he describes from personal experience as “hyper-sensitive.”

With partners Keith Asbury (VP-Operations) and Jason Sloan (VP-Sales) Clemence branched out from a cleaning products business to a company that would apply cleaning principles to whitetail hunting. Now his new company is so confident it understands how to keep human scents from spooking deer that it offers a money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied.

“We’ve offered this guarantee for three years,” Clemence says, “and I can count on one hand the number of people who haven’t been satisfied. It’s putting our money where our mouth is. You can check out our web site and see all the positive testimonials we get. The number of great animals taken when using SEEMZ odor fusion products is just enormous.

“Our biggest difficulty as a new producer in archery is getting product in hunter’s hands. We’re very confident that when people understand how it works and use it, they’ll never go back to the stinky way they hunted before.

“We have gotten this far via the Internet and Social Media,” Clemence says, “Facebook and Twitter. Social Media has been a ‘primary driver’ and we have strong presence in the blogosphere as well as through select, traditional credentialed media such as Archery Business.”

Clemence recognizes that odor elimination is a mature fi eld. “About the time we got started three years ago the field was saturated. This type product category is available almost everywhere, and so local archery or pro shops find it tough to compete with the pricing offered by a Walmart or Cabela’s. They are almost eliminated from this category of sales. That’s where we come in.

“SEEMZ has a limited distribution business model. A specialty store can sell our products and make a good margin. We offer specialty products, not high-volume low-margin products.” Josh Clemence says the SEEMZ Krush odor elimination system is founded on an uncomplicated, yet effective principle which he refers to as Odor Fusion Technology. “Our products create a molecular barrier and prevent odor molecules from entering the air. If odor molecules can’t reach the air then game can’t smell you, it’s that simple.”

SEEMZ Krush is not an enzyme-based system, is not anti-microbial and contains no alcohol. Krush works on all odors by preventing molecules from entering the air, although the original source of the odor is still there. It is an outdoor product by design, but will work on anything from old hunting boots to handling fish.

The Krush system begins with H2O2 Laundry Detergent (32 ounces, $15). It contains a small amount of proprietary soaps for cleaning and is powered with Active Hydrogen Peroxide Technology. “H2O2 oxidizes and destroys odors – and the source of those odors,” Clemence says. “Clothes come out of a wash clean, scent free and free from the odor causing residues left behind by soap-based detergents. Our technology is gentle on expensive hunting camo. A proper clothes wash is the first step to a successful hunt.”

The second element of the SEEMZ Krush odor elimination system is a hair and body wash (12 ounces, $9). This next-to-the-skin wash works at the molecular level on the theory that if odor molecules can’t reach the air, game can’t smell you.

“We’re die-hard bowhunters, but we’re sensitive guys, too,” Clemence laughs, noting that big whitetails have taught him to be ultra-sensitive about scent. “Our hair and body soap is formulated to be an effective odor eliminator yet be gentle enough to allow for the repeated showers necessary during the season.”

The third element in the Krush system is a spray that contains a “moisture reactivation” element (12-ounce spray, $10; 24-ounce spray, $17; and 64-ounce refill, $24). This means a spray can dry and then be reactivated to work when you need it most. “From hot humid days to cold wet days,” says Clemence, “any atmospheric moisture will cause a reactivation and continued odor elimination. Even the humidity created from body perspiration will cause reactivation.”

The SEEMZ spray bottle alone is worth the price. Many sprays, when turned on their side or upside down, won’t work because the plastic tube inside sucks empty air rather than liquid. The Krush “invert-able sprayer” gives hunters complete coverage quickly and effectively, without those struggles to spray down one’s back and lower half of the body. It sprays upside down and sideways, delivering a broad and dense spray pattern for total coverage.

“It’s better than an aerosol,” Clemence says, “because it’s less expensive while being more effective. An aerosol is mostly propellant whereas our spray is 100 percent odor eliminator. And we don’t have any propellant that is potentially harmful to the environment.”

So what about that company name? SEEMZ? “It was my nickname as a kid,” Clemence says. “It seemed unique and attention getting, but it has no other reference. And as for ‘Krush,’ we just liked the name because our products crush odors at the source.”

Learn more about SEEMZ Technology by visiting You may also contact SEEMZ President Josh Clemence at P.O. Box 178, Covington, IN 47932 or call (877) 640-4958 or (765) 791-8274. Clemence recommends that any prospective retailer contact him via email at or check out their distributor, Mike’s Archery. SEEMZ is on Twitter and on Facebook.


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