Product Profile: Evolved Habitats

More profit-infusing attractants and food plot offerings from a proven innovator.
Product Profile: Evolved Habitats

Since its inception in 1992, Evolved has been producing legendary wildlife products designed to attract, supplement, and hold deer and other wildlife on your hunting grounds. Ignited after the successful launch of its first mineral supplement, Deer co-Cain, Evolved has grown its product line to include more than 100 products—products that the average sportsman and professional wildlife manager can use with complete confidence. Extensively tested and engineered to grow healthier wildlife, Evolved products promise results and provide a diverse and field-proven product line every outdoorsman should consider.

With a finger firmly held on the pulse of the attractant/food plot world, Evolved is constantly innovating—working tirelessly to develop new and exciting products that will boost hunter success rates and improve overall deer quality. According to Tim Kent, owner of Theory 13 Creative, Evolved is thrilled to introduce Roasted Corn Freaks and the Black Magic Block. These two incredible attractants will keep and hold deer on your property, and each is special in its own way.

“Both of these products offer unmatched attraction and nutritional benefits,” noted Kent. “Because corn is a widely used natural deer attractant, Evolved Habitats decided to infuse its Roasted Corn Freaks with twice the protein and three times the fat. Plus, it has an irresistible aroma and is an incredible source of energy for deer during the fall and winter months. As for Black Magic Block, Evolved Habitats has created a special blend of natural ingredients and an aroma of sweet crushed berries to boost deer health and keep them coming back for more. Black Magic will attract, and provide deer with the nutrients they demand in their daily diet. And, perhaps best of all, it weighs just four pounds and can be transported with ease.”

On the flip side of Evolved Habitats coin are its four incredible new food plot seed options from Evolved Harvest. Kent had this to say about these new groceries: “EZ Plot Crush is a no-till food plot blend that consists of clover, rape, and tetraploid rye—which delivers a boost of protein and adds flavor. This blend is fast growing and gives deer what they need to pack on the pounds and grow giant antlers. Plus, EZ Plot Crush is highly adaptable and can be planted in even the most hard-to-reach areas, where tilling the soil is out of the question.

“The other three plot mixer blends include Chicory, Radish, and T-Raptor,” Kent continued. “The Chicory is drought-tolerant and has protein levels exceeding 30 percent with a high mineral content. It is ideal for spring and fall plots. Adding the Radish to your blend of choice will boost the nutrition and flavor value of that particular blend, and it can be seeded over existing plots since it requires no tilling. As for the T-Raptor Rape and Turnip Hybrid, it’s an easy-to-grow mix that will up the appeal of your personal hunting plot.

Does Evolved have plans for the future? Of course they do, with some exciting new products in development for 2014. Unfortunately it’s a little too early to let those cats out of the bag, but according to Kent, those plans are very impressive—and will once again revolutionize the way outdoorsman view wildlife management.

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