New Deer Gear Part 4

Deer hunters demand ultra-bright sight pins for optimum low-light performance. Here are some of the best, along with several more “must-have” hunting accessories.

New Deer Gear Part 4
CBE teck hunter xl

Custom Bow Equipment

The Tek-Hunter XL from Custom Bow Equipment (CBE; 606-663-2734; is designed to be the ultimate sight for the demanding archer. This versatile movable hunting sight is lightweight and compact, while providing the dependability of a fixed-pin sight and the long-range accuracy of a moveable pin.

CBE’s exclusive rapid-drive elevation system offers quick and easy vertical adjustment; you’ll also find a new, five-pin XL housing with ultra-fine steel pins and a three-setting rheostat light. The new extended vertical travel adjustment and infinitely adjustable elevation are ideal for long-distance shooting. Comes standard with micro-adjust windage unit and quiver mounting block system. Third axis adjustment is also available. When whitetail hunting, brightness counts.

extreme archery 911 sight

Extreme Archery

The 911 Raptor ($70) from Extreme Archery (606-928-9447; has a 15⁄8-inch wire-frame aluminum housing for increased light gathering. You'll also find tool-less, stainless adjustment screws and four fiber optic pins, plus an extended easy-to-change fiber optic. The level and sun shade are built-in. A bubble level, rear-mounted rheostat light, and fluorescent orange center ring are also included. Choose from black soft-feel coating or camo.

hha optimizer

HHA Sports

The 10-ounce Optimizer Lite Ultra ($210) single-pin, fingertip-adjustable bowsight from moveable sight specialist HHA Sports (800-548-7812; includes a proven Mathews Harmonic Dampener in the sight bar—and is just one of a series of sturdy sights in the proven HHA Sports line. The Optimizer Lite Ultra is available with a 15⁄8-inch aperture, green sight ring, and five feet of .010 fiber optic cord. It accepts HHA Lens Kit B and all HHA Blue Burst lights. An exclusive mechanical rheostat feature adjusts pin brightness.

tactical archery bow sight

Tactical Archery Systems

Think you’ve seen all the neatest twists in new sight systems? Tactical Archery Systems (877-686-7226; has upgraded its original SABO (Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic) sighting system with the new SABO GEN2. The GEN2 focuses ambient light through fiber optics onto four independently adjustable dots that are reflected into specially engineered lens, creating a holographic image with zero electronics The patented design results in zero parallax, mean that no matter from what angle the dots are viewed they are always aligned with the point of impact—eliminating the need for a peep sight. The lens also features a permanently fused fluorescent green alignment triangle and long-range line for increased accuracy.

copper john dead nuts 3

Copper John

The versatile (and very affordable) Dead Nuts Mark III sight from Copper John (315-258-9269;, is a good example of how manufacturers are diversifying within current technological limits: $90 for non-micro-adjust, $15 for the micro-adjust kit, and $35 for the dovetail after-market kit. With offset fiber optic pins, the sight offers zero pin gap shooting, and a bright orange glow ring enables rapid peep alignment. A green adjustable bubble level is included, and the sight is lens-compatible.



Are you and your customers looking for a better way to fletch arrows? The answer might be NuFletch (877-353-8244;, a truly unique system specifically designed to be quick and efficient—without the need for any type of adhesive. With NuFletch, changing all, or a single, fletch is as easy as unscrewing the insert, sliding out one fletch and inserting the new one. Another great benefit? Accuracy. The NuFletch Spectrum requires cutting a couple inches off the back of your arrow, which stiffens the shaft a bit. That fact, and the Spectrum’s ability to better balance an arrow shaft, have been found to flatten trajectory and increase downrange accuracy. The NuFletch Spectrum comes in three different models. The Standard fits most standard-sized carbon shafts. The Spectrum Light fits thinner-diameter shafts, and the Spectrum X is designed for crossbow bolts [arrows]. All three models are available with either a straight orientation or two-degree offset.

octane bow strings


Many of your customers are in a nearly constant search for aftermarket help to increase their bows’ performance. New BackBone strings from Octane ( offer a proprietary blend of BCY 452GX that features Gore Performance Fibers, all backed by a state-of-the-art production process. To find the perfect material blend, Octane strings and cables were sent through a barrage of tests, which included abrasion, extreme temperature, creep and peep-rotation testing. All Octane strings are pre-stretched under 450 pounds of tension to eliminate creep and ensure a consistent anchor point, draw length, and bow timing. BackBone String & Cable sets are built to fit all leading bow manufacturers’ previous-year models. Custom sets also are available.


The more stealthy and silent your customers can make their equipment, the more deer success they’ll find. Among the neat new offerings from silencing specialist Bowjax (208-762-3692; is the Super Max 2-inch Stabilizer Module ($23), a 4-arm design made of soft elastomeric polymer to help dampen noise and vibration for hunting stabilizers. The compact 23⁄4x2-inch unit weighs 2.25 ounces, and is the only stabilizer module available that features four arms with balls at the end for maximum stability and control. The 5⁄16-inch thread fits most stabilizers.

Also new from Bowjax are Gel Grip Strips (2/pack), self-adhesive strips (3.5x3⁄4 inch) to make bow grips more cushioned and cold-weather friendly,

tru fire hardcore release


Release and accessories specialist Tru-Fire ( is offering a whole new take on “hook” or single jaw releases. The Hardcore has a self-centering knuckle located behind the main body that eliminates side-to-side torque, which is a major design flaw with most other hook-style releases. The body pivots left or right a total of 20 degrees to compensate for varying anchor point positions. Once attached to a bow, the loop or serving will line up straight with the centerline of the release, which allows for a perfect shot every time. The solid steel jaw automatically closes when you depress the trigger and when set with minimal travel, trigger pressure is a mere 4 ounces. Two trigger options are available: The Swept Back trigger is standard and a Forward Trigger is an option on two models. The Hardcore comes standard on the company’s Evolution Buckle, Hybrid, and Evolution Buckle Web system.

archers choice dvd

Archer’s Choice Media

The latest 2011 hunting videos from Archer’s Choice Media (800-900-6968; are being offered for the very first time in high definition Blu-ray format. They put the viewer right in the action with never-before-seen video and audio clarity—four to five times the image resolution of standard DVDs. Both Severe Whitetail Disorders 7 and Bear’n Down 10 Blu-ray feature over two hours of the latest hunting adventures from Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, North America’s Favorite Hunting Couple and hosts of Archer’s Choice and The Choice television shows on the Outdoor Channel.

adventure medical kit

Adventure Medical Kits

With bowhunting being the largely isolated, “solo” sport it is, smart bowhunters always plan wisely for “just-in-case” emergencies. As such, all of your customers need to know about the well-rounded lineup from Adventure Medical Kits (510-261-7414; New for 2011 is the smartly designed Pocket Survival Pak Plus ($80) that fits easily in any daypack and includes most all anyone needs to prepare for a wide variety of bowhunting mishaps. Designed with help from survival expert Doug Ritter, the PSP Plus features a custom-designed CRKT knife, E-Gear Pico Lite LED flashlight, as well as high-quality components for signaling (signaling mirror, triple frequency whistle) and navigating (liquid-damped compass with lanyard ring). You’ll also find gear for collecting and purifying water (collapsible water bag, water purification tablets), and more. The 5.6-ounce pocket-sized PSP PLUS comes housed in a Pacific Outdoor-produced RF welded water-resistant case with stash pocket.

More good stuff from AMK—aimed at early season bowhunters everywhere—includes Ben’s Clothing & Gear Insect Repellent. This bowhunter-friendly (unscented) formula is available in a 6-ounce spray ($7) that’s designed to be sprayed directly on clothing, tents, and equipment. It kills ticks and insects on contact, and one treatment of the Permethrin-based formula lasts for up to two weeks.

lakewood camera case

Lakewood Products

You don’t have to be told your customers love to videotape their bowhunting action. The new C-290 Field Camera Case (18x8x9.5 inches) from Lakewood Products (1-800-872-8458); is designed to protect valuable camera equipment from the rigors of outdoor filming. Featured is a foam-lined interior, and adjustable shoulder strap for ease of carrying that can also be used to strap around trees or limbs for easy accessibility while in a stand. Included are front and top adjustable straps for transporting tree arms or tripods, and roomy zippered side pockets with generous rain flaps.

record rack deer block

Sportsman’s Choice Feeds

Where legal, minerals and attractants are flying off pro shop shelves. Some of the best hail from the Record Rack line from Sportsman’s Choice Feeds ( Record Rack Super Premium Deer Block is a nutritional supplement for deer in their native habitat. Designed with Record Rack formula’s exclusive Optimum Performance Technology, this 33-pound mineral block is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and extra protein for superior palatability and wild berry flavor.

Record Rack Super Premium Mineral is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed to support body growth, antler development, and breeding health in deer. Formulated with exclusive Optimum Performance Technology, Record Rack Mineral has also been field proven for optimum performance with natural forages.

The course granular form offers greater weather resistance and helps prevent dust or set-up, while the calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.5 to1 helps balance mineral deficiencies in the natural diet. The poly-weave bag delivers true water-resistance with rip-stopping strength to prevent tearing and wasteful spills.

bow trainer

Bow Trainer

Give your customers every chance for deer-season success by preparing them with the Bow Trainer ($43; 866-701-8867; Designed by an avid archer and certified physical therapist, Bow Trainer is a unique training tool that can help archers obtain greater accuracy by improving their form and increasing their strength and stamina.

big green crossbow targets

Big Green Targets

The smartly designed Pro Series Field Point Targets from Big Green Targets (888-390-5548; are made from 100-percent recycled materials in four sizes: the Super Pro ($55; 20x16x13 inches), Lightning Pro ($75; 24x20x13), Magnum Pro (shown, $85; 24x24x13) and Outfitter Pro ($95; 28x28x13). All feature front side and back side high definition screen-printed wild game images.


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