New Deer Gear Part 3

No segment buys more game cameras than whitetailers. Here are some of the latest and greatest, as well as new treestands, and plenty more exciting accessories.

New Deer Gear Part 3

Game Cameras

Talk about a gear segment that is going gangbusters with avid whitetailers. Compact designs that are both ultra-portable and less-intrusive in the woods are all the rage, and there are plenty of great new models from which to choose.

moultrie game spy camera

Moultrie Products

Moultrie Products (800-653-3334; has entered the mini game camera market in a big way with Game Spy M-80 and Game Spy M-100 infrared cameras. Each camera, at 5.0 and 6.0 megapixels, respectively, is loaded with features like Moultrie’s new Illumi-Night Sensor, which provides some of the brightest and clearest nighttime infrared pictures. Widescreen images and videos (with sound) in 16:9 format provide a wider field of view than standard game cameras. Combined with a 60-foot flash, these features ensure your customers will capture plenty of trophy shots. With Plot Stalker technology, hunters can choose between three versatile operational modes: 1. IR-triggered game camera; 2. Time-lapse plot camera; or 3. Plot camera by day, infrared camera at night. Users can choose picture delays ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Moon phase, temperature, time date and camera ID are stamped on each picture. An SD card slot accepts up to a 32GB SD card.

Both cameras can run on either four or eight AA batteries, include a battery-life calculator, and can get up to one year battery life in the field. The Game Spy M-100 also includes digital zoom (three settings), 2-inch LCD viewing screen, barometric pressure reading, password security, and Realtree APG camo. The Game Spy M-80 retails for $150, the M-100 for $200.

minox dtc 500 trail cam


Minox (603-287-4840) has introduced the new, ultra-compact model DTC 500 ($349; 6x4.5x2 5⁄8 inches), designed to be reliable game observation/management tool in any terrain. Featured is 8-megapixel image resolution and infrared flash, for sharp color images (daytime) and black-and-white at night. The versatile DTC 500 documents details of each shot—including date, time, temperature, and moon phase—all stored on an SD card that can be transferred to a computer or television via USB port. The weatherproof plastic body prevents penetration of water, dust, cold and heat. More cool features include an integrated 2½-inch true-color TFT monitor, and it also has video capability—up to 60 seconds—as well as a flash range of 50 feet to deliver pin-sharp images even in low-light conditions. Battery life has been measured over six months; a mounting strap is included.

stealth cam delta 8 infrared

Stealth Cam

New from scouting camera specialist Stealth Cam (877-269-8490, is the Delta-8 Infrared Trail Cam. Disguised in proprietary 3D Digital Camo, the Delta-8 is the first Stealth Cam model to incorporate an easy-to-use switch setup—making camera setup and programming virtually effortless. The compact design is easy to conceal in the woods and features a 640x480 digital video with audio (10-180 seconds). The 8.0 mega-pixel still image capability delivers clean, crisp pictures. The fast trigger speed is designed to effectively capture game on the move—while the Burst Mode function captures up to six images per triggering. A total of 46 infrared emitters provide more than 50 feet of nighttime IR range. Images are stamped with date, moon phase, and temperature. More features include an external LCD image counter, an adjustable infrared range, and 20-second to 10-minute time-out settings. An SD card slot accepts up to a 16GB memory card (SD cards sold separately). An external power jack allows use with 12-Volt Battery Kit (sold separately); one set of eight AA batteries provides enough power to capture up to 10,000 images.

Treestands & Blinds

ameristep carnivore ground blind


Wary mature whitetails are a tough target from most ground blinds—especially those that emit a game-spooking sheen. The innovators at Ameristep (810-686-4035; have responded with the new Carnivore Ground Blind ($400) that features the company’s new and exclusive Poly-Cotton outer shell for reduced noise and sheen—using a proprietary cotton-to-poly ratio. In addition, the heavy-duty Spider Hub Technology combined with solid glass rod framework creates the ultimate in durability from the inside out for fast and easy set-up and take-down. The Carnivore’s exterior is UV protected providing greater concealment and longer life in the field. You’ll also find a Dual window system for 180-degree viewing complete with magnetic shooting windows, and a Ground Skirt that helps keep elements and light out and scent in. The Carnivore measures 74 inches wide by 67 inches tall; pack size is 9x47 inches. Weight is 22 pounds.

Millennium Stands

Show your customers they don’t have to shell out a king’s ransom for a quality ladder stand. The L-50 16-Foot Single Ladder ($230) is Millennium’s (601-932-5832; new 55-pound, all-steel ladder. It features a large ComfortTech contoured, tight sling seat, compact-yet-comfortable platform, and a powder coat finish. The adjustable shooting rail and armrests are padded. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

summit treestand viper xxx

Summit Stands

Much to the delight of whitetailers everywhere, the great-looking Viper XXX climbing stand is just one way the folks at Summit (256-353-0634; are celebrating the stand-making giant’s 30th anniversary. Summit has improved all of its stands for 2011 with a couple of new features. All climbers now have impressive DeadMetal technology, the same silencing technology used by the auto industry. What is it? Expanding foam strips inserted inside the platform sections expand when heat is applied during the powder-coating process. The final product has sound-dampening that, when hit, sounds more like wood than metal. With a new slightly darker powder coating, these stands have a whole new look and are also more slip-resistant. Better yet? All Summit climbers, including the Viper XXX ($280), now come ready to hunt right out of the box.

More New Accessories

double take lighted nock

Double Take Archery

Whitetailing is largely a low-light game, and for many deer chasers lighted nocks have been a godsend. Double Take Archery’s (830-444-0202; patent-pending Nockturnal lighted nock ($25/3-pack) is a breakthrough ultra-light design that is lighter in weight (20 grains total) than most other lighted nocks. Made of clear plastic for maximum light transmission, Nockturnal nocks can be seen for hundreds of yards. The Nockturnal has a string-activated linear switch that is protected deep within the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. Each nock battery lasts 20 hours. Four sizes (S, H, X, and GT) fit most standard, slim, ST Epic, ST Excel, and Gold Tip shafts.

firenock aerovane fletching jig


Speaking of lighted nocks, no company offers more colors and options than Firenock (815-780-1695; The activation switch in a Firenock lighted nock works on the same principle as the second arming switch in modern missiles used by our armed forces. The Firenock needs to sense a specific acceleration before it will arm—which prevents the nock from turning on at the wrong time and draining your battery or, worse, alarming game. New for 2011, Firenock has created the Aerovane fletching jig (with ultra-precise 1/72-degree offset) for use in fletching the company’s unique vanes. The Aerovane jig is a modular system featuring different chucks and hooks to ensure the maximum possible repeatability (precision) for different-size arrows. The entire system can cost as much as $800.

flextone bone collector buck crush

Flextone Game Calls

A whole new take on deer calls can be found at Flextone Game Calls (877-993-4868; The Bone Collector Series Buck Crusher ($18) is the result of Flextone teaming up with Michael Waddell to develop an “all-in-one” call, with insane volume and natural sounds. The Buck Crusher straps conveniently to your wrist for minimal movement and hands-free operation—it’s designed for use even while at full draw, and is loud enough to be heard at long distances while gun hunting. Three different ports allow the hunter to create buck grunts, snort wheezes, doe estrus bleats, and doe grunts to help draw in even the cagiest of bucks.

knight and hale death chamber

Knight & Hale

Speaking of versatile deer calls, the Death Chamber Grunt Call from Knight & Hale ( is a variable-pitch call designed to produce all common deer vocalizations in one unique package. Simply shift the lever and this call changes instantly from fawn sounds to a mature buck. It also includes a Snort Wheeze chamber that allows you to sound like the meanest, maddest buck on the property.

bohning archery bark shark

Bohning Archery

Treestanders everywhere need to check out the neat new Bark Shark from Bohning Archery (231-229-4247;, which is designed to hold your quiver and other hunting accessories, and even includes a built-in broadhead wrench. At the heart of The Bark Shark is a small, portable quiver mount designed for bowhunters who prefer to remove their quiver—the universal design accepts mounting brackets for most popular detachable quivers. The Bark Shark attaches silently to tree trunks or limbs without tools or screws, using a strong nylon cord. The high strength polymer design weighs less than 3 ounces; it can support a fully loaded quiver and up to 20 pounds of gear with its built-in accessory hooks.

nose jammer buck spray

Nose Jammer

Big, mature bucks are among the toughest animals to fool; you seldom get a second chance. That’s precisely the premise behind new Nose Jammer spray (, developed by Minnesota outfitter John Redmond. Nose Jammer, made with natural tree extracts, is designed to overwhelm the olfactory system, overpowering an animal’s ability to detect and track human scent.

hunters specialties pure estrous mister

Hunter’s Specialties

No bowhunter segment depends more on attractant scents than whitetailers. The new Primetime Pure Estrus Mister ($24) from Hunter’s Specialties (319-395-0321; dispenses scent as an airborne mist to attract more deer to your customers’ stands. The aerosol spray eliminates the spills and waste that can be associated with liquid scents, while providing a wider range of coverage. The Mister comes with an aerosol can of Premium Doe Estrus scent (refills $8); the battery operated, electronically timed unit can easily be adjusted to spray doe estrus scent at night, during the day, or both. Simply turn the dial to one of five frequency settings that are available for 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, or 25-minute intervals. The unit operates on AA batteries and comes in a padded case with strap to hang from a branch or bow hanger.

qad exodus broadhead

Quality Archery Designs

The great-looking new Exodus broadhead from Quality Archery Designs, (434-846-5839; features 440 stainless steel heat-treated construction, with durable .035-inch-thick replaceable blades that offer a deadly 1.25-inch cutting diameter. The innovative Blade Over Shaft Technology is designed to deliver field-point accuracy and standout penetration. Exodus heads are available in both 85- and 100-grain models, barbed and non-barbed.

fulton ramcat broadhead

Fulton Precision Archery

The Ramcat Hybrid Fixed Blade broadhead from Fulton Precision Archery (412-519-5352;,) is truly a breed apart. “Hybrid Fixed Blade” refers to the characteristic that makes this three-blade head lethal. The Ramcat’s replaceable stainless steel blades are solid—without cut-outs or vents, and they are held in the ferrule independently by small, .050-inch screws. They can be changed or tightened using the smallest hex wrench in a set. The Ramcat’s .032-inch blades are offset—or cantilevered to the vertical plane of the arrow and ferrule. This design promotes arrow rotation and stabilization, and because the blades are aligned with the structural ribs of the tip, they fly silently. Blades are honed to industrial sharpness on their leading or cutting edge and also sharpened on the rear or trailing edge—to create a “back-cut” if a big game animal attempts to pull the arrow out or if it drags on brush as it runs, the blades rotate forward on an internal cam and the initial 13⁄8-inch cut becomes a much wider 1¾-inch cut.

sanford innovations expandable

Sanford Innovations

Another innovative new broadhead is the 100-grain tip-activated, rear-blade-deployment ExpanDead ($40 MAP/3-pack) from Sanford Innovations (406-669-4000; The mechanical ExpanDead relies on three .040-inch blades that open to more than 1.5 inches at entry and, because they lock in place, remain open at this width during penetration. Rear expansion means there’s no loss of kinetic energy, and it lowers the possibility of deflection on an acutely angled shot. The ExpanDead is the only broadhead engineered with both a Hassle-Free O-Ring Pivot System and Lock-Arm Technology, says Sanford, and can be shot with the blades open and fixed—just press the point down on a hard surface and the blades pop out and lock in place—or as a standard mechanical—simply pull the tip forward.

trophy taker smackdown

Trophy Taker

The new SmackDown rest from Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; features all-metal construction and unconditional lifetime warranty—and attaches to your bow’s bottom limb or the upward moving cable. This lifts your arrow long before the broadhead approaches the bow and well ahead of cam letoff—making tuning easier and faster. Retail prices range from $100 to $140 depending on Full Capture or Pronghorn model, black or camo.

Trophy Taker’s proven Shuttle T-Lock broadhead is now available in black ($40/3), while offering the same deadly 11⁄8-inch cutting diameter (100-grain model) and 13⁄16-inch diameter (125 grains) as the original T-Lock ($35/3). Made from 100-percent stainless steel, you’ll find super-tough .041-inch blades and single piece cut-on-contact ferrule.

Looking for the lowdown on the newest bow sights and other accessories aimed at deer hunters? Check out Part 4 of this series!


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