New Deer Gear Part 1

North America’s favorite big game bowhunting target—the whitetailed deer—continues to inspire plenty of promising new gear.

New Deer Gear Part 1
wicked tree saw

Wicked Tree Gear

For as much as most avid deer bowhunters use compact handsaws to clear shooting lanes, most of us know that too many models lack dependable, long-lasting quality. Setting a whole new standard is the new Wicked Tough Handsaw ($40) from Wicked Tree Gear (319-217-0885; Designed by avid whitetailer, engineer, and bowhunting DVD producer Todd Pringnitz, the Wicked Tough Handsaw features a one-piece, 8-inch rugged cast aluminum handle with structured inset design, complete with hardened steel hardware. The 7-inch, .050-inch-thick Wicked Sharp blade sports deep teeth and is constructed from impulse-hardened, high-carbon steel for smooth, fast cutting; the unique design resists bending and bulging while maximizing its cutting surface and efficiency.

big game drag glove

Big Game Drag Glove

When a big whitetail hits the ground, your customers will appreciate the new Big Game Drag Glove (719-465-1825; This unique design makes light of the load by utilizing the hunter’s own body weight to create leverage—saving the hunter’s back and hands from tiring. Durable heavy-duty nylon straps are sewn into each glove, ensuring a perfect grip every time—and absolutely no slipping while dragging. Simply slip them on and attach the straps to the animal, and you’re ready to drag. In addition, there are several options for use: utilize one glove, two, or enlist a buddy to help. While they are primarily used for dragging big game, this versatile pair of gloves can also be used to effectively hang deer for skinning.

Durable, comfortable split cowhide construction and custom sizing options ensure a perfect fit for every hunter. They’re available in two color combinations: brown with orange straps and—for the serious huntress—pink with pink straps.

mtm broad head box

MTM Case-Gard

When it comes to gadgets and gear, few take a backseat to dedicated deer bowhunters. Help your customers organize all that gear by stocking some of the smartest-designed, and most affordable, case systems in the well-rounded MTM Case-Gard (800-543-0548; lineup. New for 2011 is the simple and handy BH16 Broadhead Box, which measures a compact 4.9x5.3x2.9 inches, and features Clear-View lid construction for quick identification at a glance. This lightweight but durable case holds up to 16 assembled heads, either in the “up” or “down” position with its thick foam insert.

mtm survivor dry box

All bowhunters can find a dozen (or more) uses for MTM’s compact and versatile Survivor Dry Boxes, available in two sizes, 10x7x3 inches or 10x7x5 inches, and two colors, Forest Green or Orange. In addition to offering safe and secure water-resistant protection, these ingenious boxes also include a built-in compass and signal mirror.

mtm compact arrow case

Traveling bowhunters will appreciate MTM’s many hard arrow case options, which include the Compact Arrow Case (18 to 24 arrows, 36.25x7.5x3 inches); Ultra-Compact Arrow Case (33x5.9x3 inches) and Arrow Plus Case (36x10.2x5.2 inches), which offers room for 36 arrows and key accessories. A Crossbow Bolt case (24x5.9x3 inches) holds bolts up to 23 inches.

rinehart x bow unloader target

Rinehart Targets

You don’t have to be told crossbow hunting is among whitetailing’s hottest niches. As the sport continues to grow, help your customers remain safe and well-practiced with the new Rinehart X-Bow Unloader from Rinehart Targets (608-757-8153; When a crossbow is cocked and ready to fire and the hunt comes to an end, your customers need a safe, secure place to unload those bolts. The X-Bow Unloader is that place and more—it doubles as an ultra-light, “take-anywhere” practice target. The 7-pound, 9-inch-diameter Unloader can be effortlessly tossed into the field ready for unloading or last-minute practice. Bright and bold target zones allow it to be easily seen from up in a treestand, and also make it ideal for use as a yardage marker.

Looking for more Great New Deer Gear? Check out Parts 2-4 of this series! COMING SOON!


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