Muzzleloader Review: CVA ACCURA MR Nitride Mountain Rifle

CVA's new Accura MR Nitride Mountain Rifle features a nitride coating that makes it virtually impervious to rust, a crisp trigger, and light weight, making this accurate rifle one of this year’s top new hunting muzzleloaders.

Muzzleloader Review: CVA ACCURA MR Nitride Mountain Rifle

The modern inline muzzleloader has changed drastically in the past 20 years. Manufacturers have strived to make front stuffers more reliable and easier to use. Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) has been manufacturing muzzleloaders since 1971 and continues to develop models with features that hunters and shooters will embrace. Its line of ACCURA Mountain Rifles is extremely adaptable and easy to use in any hunting situation. Advancing over the original ACCURA and V2 models, CVA continues to improve the shooter-friendly features its rifles bring to market.

The new ACCURA MR Nitride is compact and easy to pack on any adventuresome hunt. The short barrel makes the gun easy to maneuver in a blind or shoot in any direction from a treestand. It has all the newest technologies and features CVA has developed in recent years, with the long-term quality and accuracy that has made CVA the most popular muzzleloader manufacturer in North America. The ACCURA MR is the newest addition to the ACCURA family, which are quickly becoming CVA’s most popular models of muzzleloaders. Its lightweight design at just 6.35 pounds and short, compact barrel will have appeal for quick target acquisition.

CVA prides itself in developing better technologies to improve the entire muzzleloader experience, making loading a breeze and cleaning as quick and painless as possible. Hunters and shooters looking for a new muzzleloader won’t be able to ignore the value of all the features and quality of the new ACCURA MR Nitride. The price is well-balanced with the features and the accuracy of the rifle will impress many consumers.

Like all CVA rifles, the Nitride was designed and assembled in Bergara, Spain. The region is well known as a reputable firearm-making community with centuries-old traditions. Every barrel CVA sells is still made in the Bergara factory. Bergara barrels are made of 416 grade stainless steel and have a history of being the base for accurate production barrels. CVA actively promotes its use of these barrels and offers a money-back guarantee for accuracy.

The Nitride has a 25-inch barrel with 1:28 twist rifling. The barrels also come with an external treatment to help prevent corrosion, ensuring easy maintenance. The nitride isn’t a coating but rather a treatment that changes the stainless steel barrel into an impermeable finish that will not allow rust to form. The barrel is treated inside and out to ensure the entire length is resistant to weather and corrosion. The Mountain Rifle line was developed for hard-core hunters that want to get into the back country and possibly stay for several days. The nitride coating is assurance you won’t have problems if facing harsh conditions. It is easy to clean, and a lightly oiled rag is all that’s required to touch up the treated barrel.

The ACCURA line was designed to offer the right combination of balance and maneuverability for a wide range of shooting and hunting applications. The barrel is fluted to help reduce overall weight and balance the rifle, reducing the heavy weight typically felt up front. The rifle is easy to shoulder and, combined with the shorter 25-inch barrel, helps draw your eye down the barrel and quickly acquire the target. The recoil is well managed, and with the built-in recoil pad, this gun could be used by anyone. The soft coating and rubber grip pads on the butt and forestock are comfortable to hold, especially in cold or wet weather. The stock is made of solid material that will withstand tough handling and trying conditions. The all-weather features really stand out on this gun, with attention to detail in even component. The composite design and coating make the stock completely weatherproof.

Your hands hold tightly onto the gun without having to grip it hard, allowing the shooter to relax and squeeze the trigger. An ambidextrous check piece will permit both left- and right-handed shooters to use the same gun. The ACCURA is a break-open muzzleloader that operates with the hinge release lever built right into the trigger guard. The gun naturally falls open with the weight of the barrel, making it easy to place a primer in the ignition without a tool. The hinge snaps shut with little pressure. If the breech plug is not completely screwed back into the gun, the hinge won’t close — a valuable safety feature to ensure the gun is in proper working condition before it can be fired.

The Quick-Release Breech Plug requires no tools and can be easily removed by hand. Even after shooting an entire day on the range, the breech plug came out with no effort. There was no fouling or seized threads. Breech lube is applied to the threads to make insertion and removal a breeze. It is not recommended the gun be shot without lube on the threads, but cleanup is simple with a short soak in a solvent bath. The threads can be quickly cleaned with a nylon brush to get deep into each groove.

A 209 primer fits securely in the breech, and there weren’t any problems removing spent caps after several shots. Primers can be inserted and removed with a finger and thumb. The rifle has a modern look and feel. It can be purchased with a straight stock or thumbhole option, which provides a unique appearance with a raised stock and extended grip. The gun feels rugged and durable, with no loose parts.

Our test rifle shot very well at 100 yards with 100 grains of Pyrodex and PowerBelt bullets. Groups were consistently under 1 ½ inches with a variety of shooters testing the rifle. The rifle did shoot well with a variety of powder options. The trigger is exceptionally good and breaks clean with no creep. The sweet trigger is a major reason the rifle shoots accurately for anyone shooting the gun. The trigger is a standout, and anyone testing the quality of the trigger in a gun shop will know immediately that it’s a winner.

The Nitride muzzleloader was very easy to load. After several shots and no cleaning at the range, a bullet could be loaded with minimal pressure. CVA recommends the use of PowerBelt bullets, which were easy to load and grouped very well. The Palm Saver ramrod aids in the loading process without having a single pressure point in the palm of your hand. It is rubber coated and eliminates the stress point in your hand when loading. The ramrod fits into guides on the bottom of the barrel and is held securely in place. Hunters will appreciate that it did not rattle or come loose when the rifle was discharged or turned barrel down. The barrel has a bullet guiding end, meaning there is no need for a bullet starter — you simply drop the bullet in the end of the barrel and it aligns to be guided down with the ramrod. All you need for reloading in the field is the ramrod. No other equipment or tools are required, making it easy to pack up a couple of speed loaders and head out.

The entire gun can be disassembled by removing just one screw, making a complete cleaning a breeze. Being able to disassemble the gun and clean all components will mean the rifle will last a lifetime. While the breech plug is soaking in solvent you can swab the barrel with your favorite cleaner until the patches come through clean. Cleaning only takes a couple minutes unless you’ve really put the gun to the test and fired dozens of rounds. Even then, the gun can be broken down for a complete wipe-down that doesn’t take any more time than it would for your favorite centerfire that has been used hard or in bad weather. A brass brush is recommended to clean fouling in the lands and grooves. Swabbing works great for surface fouling, but complete care is required to ensure the barrel is spotless.

The entire ACCURA line of rifles offers technical advancements and features at a fair price. The Nitride takes things one step further with more corrosion resistance and shorter barrel. Anyone looking for a muzzleloader to last their entire hunting career will appreciate the lifetime guarantee.

The list of features on this firearm is impressive, including the Bergara Barrel, Quick Release Breech Plug, Trigger Guard Actuated Breeching Action, Palm Saver ramrod and Neutral Centre of Gravity Trigger. Additional value is provided with the Quake Claw sling and SoftTouch stock with rubber grip panels. The ACCURA MR Nitride is available in either Nitride treated stainless steel barrel with a Realtree MAX-1 stock or a standard 416 stainless steel barrel with a solid black stock. The ACCURA MR also includes a DuraSight Dead-On one-piece scope mount, meaning all you have to do is mount a scope and head for the range.

Pick up a Nitride at your local gun shop and try the fit and feel for yourself. Don’t forget to cock and test the trigger, and you’ll know immediately how well it will shoot.

Spec Sheet:

Manufacturer: CVA

Model: ACCURA V2 MR Nitride

Caliber: .50 caliber

Action: Hinged break-action

Twist rate: 1:28 inch

Barrel: 25-inch, treated stainless steel

Ignition: 209 primer

Trigger: Fully adjustable with neutral gravity, and under a 3-pound pull

Sights: DuraSight DEAD ON one-piece scope mount

Stock options: ambidextrous standard or thumbhole stock available in combinations of black fiber, Realtree Max 1

Overall length: 40 inches

Length of pull: 14.5 inches

Weight (unloaded): 6.3 pounds

Other features: Solid aluminum ramrod, extendable jag, soft recoil pad, Quake Claw sling

MSRP: $547


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