Michigan Bobcat Hunting Update: Toby Scores!

As Michigan''s bobcat hunting season come closer to the end, Toby finally scores on his bobcat with a bow!

Michigan Bobcat Hunting Update: Toby Scores!

michigan bow hunting bobcatWith only a few days left of the Michigan bobcat hunting season, my friend Jeff and I were on stand, watching a spot where I’d gotten lots of trail cam pictures of bobcats and other critters feeding on a deer carcass.

As we were sitting there I could tell by Jeff’s action we was looking at a bobcat. I slowly moved forward (glad it was windy out) and there he was!!!! Not 20 yards away sitting under a cedar branch just checking things out… my heart raced and my breathing started to pick up! After 10 minutes or so he slowly got up and started to walk towards the bait.

I whispered to Jeff “is that the big one” and Jeff said “any cat with a bow is a good one”. Great point! I drew my HOYT and settled my 30 yard pin on his shoulder and squeezed. As I was watching the nock fly right at his shoulder the cat whirled out of the way! Man was he fast! My heart sank and I’m in disbelief of what I just happened.

Jeff whispers “he’s just sitting there get another arrow”. I couldn’t believe it. As I slowly grabbed another arrow I realize how lucky I was. Using my Brunton bino’s I was able to pick him out in the thick brush. After about 4 minutes he’s back at the bait and I’m going to let him start eating this time. I drew my bow and released…well, it was kind of a release. I dropped my arm so bad the arrow fell a foot short of the cat… Now I’m mad at myself!

The cat ran out and stopped… unbelievable he’s coming back! After 5 minutes or so the bobcat is eating quartering away from me. He’s calm now and I’m ready to seal the deal. The arrow was good and the cat goes down and can’t get his legs under him. He went behind some trees and Jeff and I start backslapping each other! Jeff says “A bobcat with a bow, can’t believe it”.

bobcat huntingWe waited for a little while and climb down and walk over to check things out. We’re in shock the cat is gone! After 150 yards we lose the blood trail and tracks next to a tree that is leaning into another tree. Jeff was thinking the cat is up in the tree so we will have to come back in the morning.

Mike and Ken join us for the recovery and I pull the SD card from the trail cam. WOW! We just scared a big cat of the bait! Was this my cat? Everyone went quiet…. Finally Jeff says “that can’t be your cat, his hurt too bad to come back”.

We all walk over to the last blood, Jeff and I start looking in trees and on the ground while Ken and Mike start to make a circle when Mike finds fresh tracks and blood! Back on the trail again, the cat crosses a creek. We work our way across the creek and Ken picks up the blood trail. We all stop at a big blow down and I notice a limb moving on the other side and all of a sudden a big bobcat’s head appears! In a split second I realize he is about out of gas. Jeff and I easy forward and one quick shot and it’s all over but the back slapping and calling the taxidermist!

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