Mechanical Broadheads for 2011

Lucky for you and your customers, today’s mechanical heads promise more strength and overall deadliness on a wide variety of game.

Mechanical Broadheads for 2011
sanford innovations expandead

Sanford Innovations

Sanford Innovations (406-669-4000;, a relatively new broadhead company, is offering a mechanical broadhead called the ExpanDead ($39/3). This broadhead was introduced at the 2010 ATA Show but wasn’t available in 2010. Chris Sanford, owner of Sanford Innovations, says this year will be different. “Manufacturing is in full swing so we will have the ExpanDead available by mid summer.” The ExpanDead is getting a lot of attention. At the heart of the rear-deploying 3-blade broadhead is Lock-Arm Technology, which is a unique locking mechanism that ensures that blades open. When they open, they are locked in an open position, eliminating the worry of blades not opening or opening partially.

When in flight, the blades hug the head’s ferrule. Upon impact, the tip drives rearward, forcing the blades open and into the locked position. The broadhead then cuts an extra-large hole, slightly larger than 1.5 inches. The tip on the ExpanDead is heat-treated and super-tough. The stainless steel blades are .040 inch thick and can cut through meat and bones like butter. The ExpanDead is available in 100 grains.

grim reaper whitetail special

Grim Reaper Broadheads

In a few short years, Grim Reaper Broadheads (877-474-6732; has gone from a small broadhead company to a household name, thanks to President Jay Liechty’s ability to continuously introduce new broadheads that are super-tough and fly like missiles. Whitetail hunters looking for large cutting diameters will be pleased with the new Razorcut Whitetail Special ($39/3), which has a 2-inch cutting diameter. This 3-blade monster comes with a solid stainless steel cut-on-contact tip that can break through bone. The Whitetail Special is available in 100 grains and comes with .035-inch-thick blades.

NAP FOC broadhead

New Archery Products

New Archery Products (800-323-1279; has a new expandable broadhead designed for today’s fast crossbows called F.O.C. ($50/3), which stands for Freakin Outrageous Cut. The broadhead has an impressive 3-inch cutting diameter. Even with its wide cut, in flight the F.O.C. only has a 11/16-inch width, so there aren’t any planing issues, even when speed exceeds 400 fps. The unique Diamize blades are hair-shaving sharp and, at .039 inch thick, can stand up to tough big game animals. The broadhead weighs 170 grains, which puts extra weight on the front of the bolt where it needs to be to quickly stabilize in flight.

g5 outdoors t3

G5 Outdoors

G5 Outdoors (866-456-8836; built a solid reputation on producing products that are simple, durable, and functional, like the T3 ($40/3). The T3 features G5’s unique Spider Clip Blade Retention System, which allows shooters to tune blade deployment based on the hunting scenario. Each package of broadheads comes with two different tension clips. One clip provides easier deployment for use with lower-poundage bows. The second has a stronger tension setting for use with high-speed bows, crossbows, and for shooting through blind windows. It eliminates the need for rubber O-rings, which often fail. The T3 is made of 100 percent steel, and the blades on this 100-grain head can be replaced easily.

trophy ridge meat seeker

Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; hit a home run when it introduced the Meat Seeker Mechanical Broadhead a few years ago. Now it is available in many options including a 3-blade Meat Seeker ($40/3) with an amazing 2-inch cutting diameter. Bowhunters who want a 3-blade with a head that cuts a large hole and flies like a dart will like the Meat Seeker. Like a piston in a motor, the Meat Seeker slides back and forth with a rear cylinder and a front tip that are connected by a piston shaft. Upon impact, the cylinder uses forward inertia to open the rear-deployment blades. Once they are open, they’re locked into place. The 3-blade 2-inch-cut Meat Seeker is available in 100 grains.

winchester accuspeed


Winchester (877-227-9445; dove into the archery market head-first in 2011 with a variety of archery products, including bows, crossbows, and everything in between. Winchester’s new mechanical broadhead, the AccuSpeed, is designed for high-speed bows and crossbows. The AccuSpeed has three stainless steel blades that open to create devastating 1.25-inch wound channel.

schwacker broadhead


The Swhacker (866-671-3827; mechanical broadhead ($35/3) has gained a loyal following because it can produce on broadside shots and angled shots. Its proprietary 2-blade system makes the Swhacker unique. Wing blades cut through hide and break through rib. After the broadhead is inside an animal, the wing blades force open two larger blades. The two large blades penetrate deep into the animal, creating massive wounds. Since the blades are set far back on the Swhacker and don’t open until the head is deep inside the animal, taking angled shots isn’t a problem. The blades won’t deflect because they are tucked away upon impact. The Swhacker 100-grain creates a 1.75-inch hole while the 125-grain puts a 2.25-inch hole in an animal. The blades are .032-inch-thick stainless steel, and the point and ferrule are made of durable anodized aircraft aluminum.

steel force sob broadhead

Steel Force Broadheads

Steel Force Broadheads (570-448-2845; is hanging its hat on the Swing Open Blades (S.O.B) ($45/3) Broadhead for 2011. The foundation of the S.O.B. is a Steel Force Phat Head, Steel Force’s popular flagship model. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix my motto,” said company president Nick Giannetti. On each side of the main blade is a swing blade that stays closed as the arrow flies through the air. Upon impact, the swing blades open, creating a 1.5-inch cutting diameter. The advantage is if the swing blades fail to open, there is still a Phat Head Broadhead on the tip of the arrow with a 1-inch cutting diameter. Like all Phat Heads, the 100-grain S.O.B. has an amazing .075-inch-thick stainless steel main blade that blows through bone.

rage broadhead

Rage Broadheads

Hunting with a crossbow is becoming extremely popular, so Rage Broadheads (888-779-0092; created a broadhead specifically for crossbow hunters. The new Rage Crossbow head ($45/3) is a 2-blade mechanical like the original Rage broadhead. The Crossbow version offers a distinctive, bright orange ferrule with a 1.75-inch cutting diameter. Its 3/4-inch in-flight diameter helps it fly like a field tip. The head has a cut-on-contact .039-inch-thick instant cut tip for increased penetration and two extra-strong .035-inch-thick main blades that create the amazing bloodtrail that Rage heads are known for. A HexFlat ferrule design offers increased aerodynamics in flight. Both 100- and 125-grain models are available.


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