June 2011 Bowhunting World Issue Preview

Spring bear and bowfishing seasons will soon be in full swing. June 2011’s Bowhunting World offers a load of equipment advice and know-how for helping readers bring home that bruin or land that fish.
June 2011 Bowhunting World Issue Preview
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Bowhunting World’s Rick Combs takes a hard look at today’s amazing arrow options—and some of 2011’s HOTTEST new bows—in the June issue of Bowhunting World.

In this issue's Hunting Bow Accuracy column, Chuck Adams boils down the valuable shooting advice he gives bowhunters at sportsmen’s shows into step-by-step basics. Even expert archers can benefit with this refresher course on the "7 Steps of Hunting Bow Accuracy."

Bowhunting World's Home Bow Mechanic, Rick Combs, says that arrows deserve more attention than they're usually given. They play a critical role in speed, accuracy, penetration, and noise. Combs reviews the ways we can monitor our arrows, along with how they can be modified with various accessories and gadgets, and why you would or would not want to modify them.

Fresh from the industry’s trade shows, bow expert Rick Combs continues his review of the features, improvements, and "feel" of shooting this year’s innovations from bow manufacturers in Hot Bows: Part II. Which bows stand out? Find out!

Is the recent decline in recordbook bucks an actual trend or a "blip on the radar"? QDMA’s Brian Murphy continues to explore that question in Whitetail Science.

Steve Bartylla says that your chances of taking a P&Y black bear depends on bait, blind setups, scent control and management, timing, and more. He shares how he is Keying On Sign And Stand Details For Big Bear.

Mark Hicks introduces us to Kansan Brent Chapman, a professional bass tournament fisherman and passionate whitetail bowhunter. Chapman has noted that bass and whitetails have the same tendencies. The Bucks & Bass Correlation has been key to Chapman's P&Y bucks.

Clint Stone asks Isn't It Time You Tried Bowfishing? Logically, bowfishing hones shooting skills and keeps our eyes sharp. But, at the heart of it all, bowfishing is simply fun! Stone’s recommendations for equipment setup and tried-and-true techniques will have you skewering fish in no time.

Once a bowhunter has a buck or two under his belt, he begins looking for a new challenge—and a big, mature black bear boar can test the mettle of any experienced bowhunter. Bill Vaznis clues us into the Secrets Of The Masters from scent consultant Wayne Carlton, author Dick Scorzafava, and New Brunswick guide John Grab.

Finally, Bob Robb has been privileged to watch good hounds at work their magic in pursuit of hogs, bears, and mountain lions in the Back Country. He says that win, lose, or draw, here is why just being there is memorable.


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