How the Whitetail Journal Staff Keeps Warm

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or stock up on the latest battery-operated gadgets in order to avoid freezing. Here’s how the staff of Whitetail Journal keeps warm on long sits in frigid weather.
How the Whitetail Journal Staff Keeps Warm

bob robbBob Robb, Editor:


The number one most important thing is something to break the wind. I always wear an outer layer with Windstopper or a similar membrane that blocks all wind, then layer up underneath it.

thermacare heat wrap huntingBen Payton, Web Editor:

ThermaCare HeatWraps

I buy those ThermaCare adhesive heated body wraps that are sold at drugstores. They’re made to relieve muscle pain in the lower back and neck/shoulders, but if you apply a couple to your kidney area and the spot between your shoulder blades, you’ll stay warm for hours.

fleece hunting muffHilary Dyer, Managing Editor:

Fleece Muff and Chemical Heat Packs

I’ve yet to find a pair of comfortable, waterproof gloves that aren’t too bulky to shoot in (and fit my small hands), so I sling a fleece hand muff around my waist, stuff it with a few chemical heat packs and keep my hands in it when I’m sitting still.

heater body suitMike Strandlund, Editorial Director:

Heater Body Suit

Greatest cold-weather gear ever invented. If it’s below freezing, I won’t stand hunt without one.


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