Hottest Crossbow Accessories For 2012

Get your crossbow ready for deer season with these hot new accessories.
Hottest Crossbow Accessories For 2012

Trijicon Crossbow Scope

New for 2012 is Trijicon’s TA50G crossbow scope, a 3x24mm unit modeled after the company’s ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) featuring fully multicoated optics, precision adjustments, Tritium and fiber-optic illuminated reticle. The TA5OG contains a special range-finding reticle calibrated for crossbow arrow ballistics.

Shooters can choose from one of three reticle models based on arrow velocity. Reticle XB1 accommodates arrows speeds of from 300 to 340 fps; reticle XB2 is rated for arrows traveling 340 to 400 fps; and reticle XB3 is designed for arrows with speeds of 400 to 450 fps. Once sighted in at 30 yards, shooters simply hold on the corresponding crosshair for pinpoint accuracy out to 80 yards at 5-yard increments. Field of view is 25.6 feet at 100 yards.

The unit is mounted via a single Weaver-style base. Forged from T6 aluminum, the waterproof TA5OG scope weighs about 6 ounces. MSRP: $1,114 for all three variations. More information at

TenPoint Care Kit

TenPoint'’s CareKit includes three important maintenance tools — Microlon Precision Oiler, TenPoint string wax and conditioner and TenPoint Lens Pen — packaged in a versatile multi-cavity translucent plastic mini-case with plenty of extra room for other crossbow maintenance items. MSRP: $30. More information at

Maximus Death Nail Arrows

The new Maximus Death Nail is a 22-inch-long, 15/64-inch diameter carbon shaft that weighs 340 grains (without field point or broadhead). Coupled with the 85-grain Bonesplitter Broadhead (included) the arrow weighs 425 grains.

The design includes a patented “rail rider” that keeps the shaft off the rail when fired. MSRP: $49.99 (three-pack, arrows only) or $79.99 (three-pack, including broadheads). More information at

Wicked Ridge Noise Dampening Kit

The power and speed of today’s hunting crossbows often generate significant “limb slap” when an arrow is released. To combat the problem, this kit includes accessories that progressively reduce decibel level and shorten noise duration when used on a crossbow. The kit features a set of Bowjax limb vibration dampeners, retention spring dampener and barrel dampeners. It is designed to fit between split-limb bows and under the crossbow barrel to significantly reduce or eliminate noise and vibration.

MSRP is $49.99. More information at

Darton Soft Case

Darton’s new padded black case is designed to protect crossbows in storage or while traveling. The case includes a shoulder strap and extra grip for easy carrying. Additional features include double seam construction, foam padding, heavy -duty zippers, a pocket for arrows and quiver, and an accessory pocket.

MSRP: $34.99. More information at

Carbon Express Shooting Stick

Crossbow hunters who are on the move or who hunt out of rail-less stands or blinds will find the Carbon Express 62-inch Shooting Stick a useful tool this season. Adjustable from 23 to 62 inches, the Shooting Stick features a universal V-mount or exclusive Picatinny rail mount for a more solid connection to companion crossbows.

Also included is a wrist strap so the stick can also be used as a hiking staff.

MSRP is $49.99. More information at

Horton Interchangeable Recoil Pads

Horton crossbows come in all lengths and sizes — just like crossbow shooters do. To help make your Horton crossbow a perfect fit, try Horton’s selection of recoil pads, which are designed to allow shooters of all ages and sizes to set up with the perfect length of pull (13, 13 ½ or 14 inches). Built for all weather conditions, Horton’s recoil pads feature a molded, soft-touch comb for maximum control of the butt stock when shooting while protecting the stock during storage and handling. Tool-free assembly makes installation a snap.

MSRP is $19.99 each. More information at

Barnett X-Blade Broadheads

When Barnett’s X-Blades make contact with their target, the patent-pending mechanized broadhead tip is pushed in, locking the blades into place, releasing them upon impact into the target. This gives the broadhead the maximum cutting diameter at the point of entry, as well as upon exiting. The X-Blade’s rear-deploying blades will not deflect during an angled shot. In addition, Barnett’s X-Blades can be reset by simply pulling the tip back out. MSRP: $39.99 (three-pack). More information at


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