From the Readers: Downing three coyotes in one stand

After dragging the coyote up the hill to the road it hit me...I just shot a triple!
From the Readers: Downing three coyotes in one stand

Last winter I headed out across a freshly snow-covered ridge in the dark. I placed my FOXPRO Firestorm caller on a tree branch and placed my spinning Mojo Critter on the logging road that wraps around to the bottom of the valley. I carefully slipped off the logging road and down the hill to a tree stand that is used for deer hunting. Due to the steepness of the hill, the logging road was slightly above eye level once I was in the stand.

I unzipped my jacket and scrolled through the sounds on my FOXPRO remote looking for the kitten sound when something caught my attention to my right. When I turned to look I lowered my hands, loudly tapping the remote on the stock of my Browning A-Bolt .22-250 rifle. The tap was loud enough to activate the “FOXBANG” on the caller, which was set to coyote-in-distress at volume level 10. Before I could hit the mute button to silence the caller, the loud cries of a coyote in distress were echoing down the hill and thru the entire valley. I muttered to myself, “Well, they all know I’m here now!”

Immediately, I heard footsteps behind me. There were four coyotes running full tilt up the hill heading toward the logging road and the caller! When the first coyote stopped at the edge of the road to study the twirling Mojo critter, I squeezed off a round. The coyote rolled and the other three retreated back down the hill. I grabbed the remote and pressed coyote-in-distress. One of the coyotes zigzagged its way back up the hill right toward me. When it stopped 15 yards from the base of my tree, I fired round two, dropping the coyote. Then I spotted movement, a third coyote, it was sneaking along the top edge of a logging road below me. I repositioned myself and when the coyote stopped I fired a third shot. The coyote bolted down the hill and out of sight below a logging road. It appeared to be a miss.

I walked up the road to try and locate the third coyote. I found fresh tracks crossing the road, walked over to the edge, and looked down the hill. I could see the downed coyote lying beside a log. After dragging the coyote up the hill to the road it hit me...I just shot a triple! I’ll probably never shoot a triple again, but the idea of it will always be in the back of my mind.

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