From the Readers: Archery double

A Georgia bowhunter calls in and shoots two coyotes within minutes of each other.
From the Readers: Archery double

By Kevin Reeves | Georgia

FromTheReaders-LOGOThe afternoon of September 19th started off a little rough. I got off work later than I had anticipated and had to rush to get to my treestand. After finally getting settled in, it wasn't long before I saw three good bucks, one of which was a big 8 pointer that myself and a friend, Justin Hughes, had both been trying to kill since opening weekend.

The deer seemed very timid and they were in quite a hurry, so I never got a shot. I soon found out why. There were two large coyotes following the group of deer. About five minutes or less after the deer had gone out of sight, the coyotes came in, as if on a string, on the same trail as the deer offering me a shot at less than 20 yards.

I picked up my Mathews Z7 Xtreme and I let an arrow fly at the larger one. He hit the ground instantly. The smaller one ran off through the woods about 100 yards away. I didn't have a fawn distress or any kind of coyote call in my bag so I began to lip squeak as loudly as I could to try to draw the other back in. It worked like magic! He came back down the same trail with his ears perked up and his head on a swivel, the only place he wasn't looking was up.

This proved to be his demise as I sank a rage broad head into him as well. Of course I would've loved to shoot the big 8-point buck, but a double coyote kill with a bow...yea I'll take it!

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