DVD Review: Stalkers In The Backcountry

Looking to get into traditional bowhunting or find a new trad adventure? Here's a great look at some extreme, pulse-pounding high-country muley action.
DVD Review: Stalkers In The Backcountry

Here’s the thing about bowhunting with traditional equipment: It’s not easy, and maybe not for everyone, but stalking within the necessary “point-blank” range of your quarry may be the most fun you can find anytime, anywhere. And watching it happen on film (with hunter and quarry in plain sight) is great fun no matter what kind of weapon you prefer.

Do I have your attention? Then get yourself a copy of “Stalkers In The Backcountry,” a new DVD from accomplished traditional bowhunter South Cox that effectively captures the extreme challenges, and addicting allure, of hunting with a recurve bow. More than five years in the making, this entertaining video follows Cox, a gifted bowyer and owner of Stalker Stickbows, on five successful spot-and-stalk mule deer hunts. Come along as Cox experiences the extreme highs and lows, and demonstrates the needed persistence, that can go along with hunting high country mule deer, while living only on the gear toted up to this rarified-air country in your backpack.

Watch as South closes the distance to within spitting distance on beautiful velvet-antlered alpine bucks, using what little cover is available. You’ll feel the anticipation, frustrating disappointment, and the thrill on each of South’s hunts. You’ll also learn about the type of discipline and mental toughness it takes to be successful, especially after a few promising stalks have gone horribly wrong. An especially nice touch to this production features Cox addressing the need for all hunters, everywhere—regardless of weapon choice—to come together and support each other against the “anti” forces who oppose us.

Although some hardcore traditional archers have been known to carry around a somewhat elitist attitude regarding their choice of equipment (and you’ll find these types in most every equipment crowd), Cox makes no apologies for his “previous life” as a successful modern-compound-toting bowhunter. To Cox, all hunters are equal, whether they carry compounds, trad bows, rifles, spears, or catapults. He may not have addressed those last two, but you get the point. Cox adds a nice refreshing “we’re all in this together” touch that we here at Bowhunting World and Archery Business applaud.

Ever wonder how a modern recurve bow is constructed? “Stalkers In The Backcountry” concludes with a neat segment of South taking the viewer through countless hours of building a Stalker Wolverine FXT recurve, in just a matter of minutes. You’ll learn how a true craftsman can piece together beautiful exotic woods to form a true piece of art: Very functional art, as South’s adventures show. Stalker recurves are some of the best-looking in the business. To learn more about “Stalkers In The Backcountry” and other Stalker Stickbow videos, and view tips on how to get started shooting traditional archery, visit www.stalkerstickbows.com or call Stalker Stickbows at (707) 768-1900.


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