Deer Terrorizes Woman Who's Now Afraid To Leave Her Home

A doe has attacked and harassed an Ohio woman to the point she said she feels like a prisoner in her own home.

Deer Terrorizes Woman Who's Now Afraid To Leave Her Home

An Ohio woman is being harassed by a deer to the point she has trouble leaving her home.

Fox 8 in Cleveland reports Cindy Frost noticed a doe and her baby fawn on her Mentor-On-The-Lake property two weeks ago and has seen been terrorized by the doe.

“I feel like I’m a prisoner,” Frost told Fox 8. “I can’t take my dogs out for a walk; I can’t even walk down to the end of my property, and when I go to my car I’m looking all around.”

Frost’s fears are justified. Fox 8 reports the same doe injured a neighbor’s Golden Retriever last year. The doe has also recently charged at Frost, which has happened frequently enough that Fox 8 caught the doe on camera staring down Frost (see video).

Frost’s scariest interaction came a week prior to Fox 8’s news report when she was walking her dogs outside. The doe became “extremely aggressive, reared up and then ran after her.”

Frost, according to the report, panicked and began zigzagging around her car in her driveway.

“She came right after me,” Frost said. “What saved me was my black top. She couldn’t get her grip, that’s the only thing that saved me.”

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife has reached out to Frost and noted does can become aggressive around fawns, but they rarely attack.

Frost said she was told the doe and fawn should move on in several weeks, but if they don’t then the solution will be euthanizing the doe and fawn.

“I don’t want that,” Frost said. “I’m an animal lover.”



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