Bonehead AR Maintenance

Follow these steps by photo and action instructions to give your AR a cursory clean up after a day of shooting:
Bonehead AR Maintenance

Safety Check

Remove the magazine, pull the charging handle to check for an empty chamber, and place the rifle’s safety into the ON or SAFE position.

Inspect Chamber

Double-check the chamber with a close inspection using a bore light. Make sure there is no brass cartridge head in the chamber fired or otherwise.

Pull Lower Frame Rear Assembly Pin

Locate the rear assembly pin on the lower unit section above the pistol grip. Finger-push on the opposite side to slide the pin out as far as it will go. It should not come out, but be held in place. For the first few times of takedown, this pin may need the boost of a slight tap with a punch and hammer. This action will disengage the rear end of the upper unit from the lower unit. Use care as the upper will now swing free on the front assembly pin.

Pull Front Assembly Pin

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