Block Archery Targets for 2010

Today’s targets have gone high-tech to stop any arrow at any speed. The better ones do that and more, stopping arrows cold, withstanding thousands of shots from field points or broadheads, and allowing easy arrow removal.
Block Archery Targets for 2010

American Whitetail Hyper 420

american whitetail hyper 420American Whitetail has thrown down the gauntlet with what it bills as the “first real all-purpose target.” The new-for-2010 Hyper 420 A/P employs a new material called ArrowArmour, combined with American Whitetail’s MDL (Multi Layer Density) manufacturing method to achieve a target that will stop 420 fps crossbow bolts, the tiniest FITA arrows, or any other arrow tipped with a broadhead or field point as well as release the arrow easily. The target is self-healing, closing tight when arrows are removed to increase target life, and multiple dots of varying size allow the best use from any distance, in addition to providing multiple aiming spots for enhanced target longevity.

Price: $200

American Whitetail (888-233-1976;

Morrell Yellow Jacket Six Shooter

morrel targets six shooterMorrell’s Yellow Jacket targets are classics in the archery target world, and for 2010 Morrell has improved its Wildfire series Six Shooter ($80). A light target at a very portable 19 pounds, it nonetheless offers six full shooting sides at 22x22x22 inches. It’s totally weatherproof, has Morrell’s E-Z Tote handle, and, as with other Morrell targets, arrow removal is a cinch.

Price: $80

Morrell Targets (800-582-7438;

Rhinehart Rhinoblock

rhinehart rhinoblockRinehart marks it 10th anniversary in 2010 with two brand new targets and one improved target. The Rhinoblock is a lightweight, 16x16x13-inch weatherproof target resistant to sun, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Rinehart’s self-sealing foam enables it to take shot after shot from field points or broadheads, with easy arrow removal. When eventually it does wear out, the core is replaceable. The Rhinoblock offers six unique sides for every kind of practice, including two textured, 3-D deer target zones and four other faces with a variety of high-vis target zones of different sizes.

Price: $150

Rinehart (608-757-8153;

Rhinehart Rhinobrute

rhinehart rhinobruteThe Rhinobrute ($180) is a 16x16x16-inch cube with rope handles, made to fit neatly into a truck bed or SUV for easy transport. It shares the same self-sealing foam and weather resistance as other Rinehart targets, and it will easily accommodate the fastest arrows or bolts. The Rhinobrute offers a variety of high-vis target zones, large and small, and since it’s solid from corner to corner with no fillers, it’s perfect for posting paper targets.

Price: $150

Rinehart (608-757-8153;

Block Fusion Crossbow Target

block fusion crossbow targetBlock Fusion maker of the original Block target, for 2010 introduces the new Block Fusion Crossbow Target. An 18x18x16-inch size retails for $160, the 16x16x12 sells for $110. Designed for the super-high speeds and energy, along with the precision of the newer crossbows, the Block Fusion Crossbow Target will accommodate speeds of 400+ fps. The PolyFusion material increases both target life and ease of arrow removal. Targets are high-contrast black & white with the new Block Game Face on two sides, offering six species of game in different sizes for short- and long-range shooting. Another side displays deer vitals.

Price: $110

Block Fusion (800-282-4868;

Viper Targets Barrel

viper target barrelCan a cylinder be a block? It can when it’s The Barrel, the truly unique block target from Viper Targets. The barrel is 16 inches high with a diameter of 19 inches and easily accommodates high-speed arrows with minimum penetration. Covered in weather-resistant vinyl graphics and offering a full 360 degrees of shooting surface (just rotate it a little when a spot begins to wear), everything about The Barrel contributes to longer target life whether using field points or broadheads.

Price: $75

Viper Targets (740-894-6100;

McKenzie Team Realtree Shotblocker Target

Mckenzie realtree targetMcKenzie this year introduces The Team Realtree Shotblocker Target, an 18-inch block target with welded-core technology for use with broadheads or field points. McKenzie touts the Shotblocker as its most durable foam target, with hundreds of layers of foam seared together. No band, no cables, plates, shifting or falling apart, and of course arrow removal is easy. Sides offer single bull’s-eyes, with a five-spot face and small dots for precision shooting on the front and back. A handle on top makes it easy to move around.

Price: $100

McKenzie (800-708-0673;


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