6 Tips For Keeping Pressure Off Bucks

If you want to shoot a big buck, you’ve got to play it cool and keep from alerting him that you’re hanging around. These six tips will help you fly under his radar.
6 Tips For Keeping Pressure Off Bucks

deer hunting pressure tips1. Scout from long range, using high-quality binoculars and spotting scopes. This helps avoid contaminating prime buck areas with human scent.

2. Use long-range rifles with top-quality scopes, and set stands to allow for shots of 200 yards and longer. The farther from bucks and their home areas you can get, the more likely it is that you can capitalize on a mistake they might make.

3. Only hunt your best spots during optimum hunting conditions — perfect wind, cold weather, when the rut is rocking, etc.

4. Get on the trail-camera bandwagon. They allow hunters to "watch" numerous locations without setting foot on the property.

5. Move stands frequently to keep human contamination low in prime buck locations.

6. Hunt the periphery first. Especially in new hunting areas, learn from long range where to move in on a buck or choice location.


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