Fur Takers of America Antler Drive

Bring your shed antlers to the Fur Takers of America Rendezvous to donate to the antler drive fundraiser.

Fur Takers of America Antler Drive

According to the Fur Takers of America website, the organization's purpose can be summarized as "preserving our heritage while protecting our future." The FTA is a not-for-profit organization run almost exclusively by volunteers. The original incorporation papers stated the following as one of its purposes, "To promote interest in and accumulate and disseminate knowledge concerning the trapping of fur bearing animals among persons interested therein on an amateur basis." If you're a trapper, you've likely benefited in one way or another from the efforts of the FTA. Now there's a way you can give back with a half or whole rack — of antlers, that is. 

The FTA is running an antler drive fundraiser at the upcoming 2020 FTA Rendezvous June 18-20 in Charlestown, Indiana. Fresh brown antlers and hard white antlers are wanted to help fund the efforts of the FTA. There will be a booth where you can drop off your shed antler donations, with a small collection of "thank you" gifts for those who donate.

Trapping and hunting rights are being threatened on a daily basis across the nation. The majority of the population sits somewhere on the fence between the anti-hunters/anti-trappers and the diehard outdoor enthusiasts. Groups like the FTA work to educate and communicate with those fence sitters and garner support to protect our rights. 

If you have some extra shed antlers laying around, or you find some this spring while doing some scouting, consider bringing them to the FTA Rendezvous this summer. The gathering will also feature more than a dozen demonstrations by renowned trappers and fur handlers, vendors of both new and used traps and trapping supplies, and beginners' workshops. 

Have you ever wondered how much antlers might be worth? Petska Fur in Nebraska is one of a number of outlets for selling shed antlers. They list antler prices on their website, with prices ranging from $12.00 per pound for brown select deer antlers to $0.50 per pound for chalk deer antlers. Elk antler prices range from $13.00 per pound down to $1.00 per pound. 

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