About That Zebra

Bowhunting World’s Lee Hetherington recently returned from the trip of a lifetime — an African bowhunting safari.
About That Zebra

africa zebra huntingA year ago as I was beginning to plan this trip, I had several people ask questions ranging from the cost of the trip to the length of time I’d be away to the kind of animals I would hunt. Perhaps the most noteworthy discussion I had was with my wife and daughter — they are both horse enthusiasts and made it quite clear to me that they thought of a zebra as a horse and would be disappointed if I shot one. Feeling quite fortunate to have the support of my family in every other aspect of this trip, I gave them my word that I would not shoot one.

As it turns out, zebras are beautiful, wild animals that exude “Africa.” Making promises a year in advance and half a world away is one thing, but keeping the promise while your itchy trigger finger is just 20 yards from a trophy animal in Africa is quite another. I struggled with the commitment I had made not to shoot, but in the end I chose to honor the wishes of my wife and daughter rather than go against my word. Besides, a zebra was not on my hunt wish-list of animals I hoped to shoot.

Tip: On the subject of wish-lists: Dick told me that even though we had a prearranged hunt package, I’d want to remain flexible and consider shooting other game if an opportunity presented itself. Again, this is not a controlled hunt and we never knew what was going to come in to the blind. Dick warned that I might end up regretting a decision to pass on an animal if I was rigid about my package. My nyala is a good example of this recommendation. Jurie’s main concern was that we were fully happy with our hunt. He was very willing to work with us on changing animals if needed.

My plan is to return to Africa in 2012; I cannot wait! Jurie Meyer Safaris was excellent and I highly recommend his bowhunt for a variety of reasons.

• Planning and execution of the plan

• Attention to detail

• Accommodating service

• Trophy animals

• Excellent food and opportunity to eat our game

• Very comfortable accommodations

• Adventure, hunted two concessions, visited Kruger Park

• Friendship

africa photo gallery

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As a convenience and to best help United States clients, Jurie Meyer has asked Dick Scorzafava to be his U.S. representative and to answer questions related to hunting with Jurie. Dick lives on the East Coast. He can be contacted at (413) 568-5604 or at scorzafava@aol.com. Jurie will be attending the Safari Club International show in Reno, Jan. 26-29 and the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa. on Feb. 5-13.


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