Deer Hunter’s Reference Guide

A new reference guide puts more than a half century of deer-hunting knowledge in the palm of your hand.
Deer Hunter’s Reference Guide

deer hunting manualI've deer hunted since the age of 11. In the beginning my thirst for knowledge of deer and the outdoors was unquenchable. I read every article I could find and would query the older hunters in camp about all things hunting. As the years passed by my experience and knowledge became more refined and I began to study wildlife and habitat management and how it worked in coordination with my hunting. In the off-season I practiced my rifle skills — trigger pull, breathing, shooting out to 300 yards, etc. In the past 20 years of deer hunting I've realized there is always more to learn no matter how long you've been doing it.

Today, I learned that there is a comprehensive pocket guide, "Deer Hunter’s & Land Manager's Pocket Reference," that contains valuable information on managing land for deer, managing native species of plants for deer, deer harvest information, butchering tips, hunting lease management information, deer facts, firearms data, hunting safety, where to get more information, and much more. It's as if one of those veteran hunters in camp who I used to query on wind direction and bedding areas compiled all the useful knowledge they've acquired for the past 50 to 60 years and put it into an easy-to-read and easy-to-find handbook.

That's exactly what J. Wayne Fears (author) has done for you. I’ve had the privilege to not only work with, but become friends with Mr. Fears and I can tell you that he in a no-nonsense hunter. He's filtered all the marketing hype, and outlandish product claims and included only the common-sense knowledge that has made him one of the most successful outdoorsman alive, today. If you own land, are a member of a hunting lease, or hunt public land on the weekend you should have this book in your camp or pickup truck when you need fast, reliable information on drawing up a lease, butchering a deer, fertilizing browse, planting food plots, ballistic information for common deer calibers, or learning basic survival skills. This book truly has everything a deer hunter needs and can be found at, The book sells for around $20. Buy one for your camp, today.


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