Coues Whitetail Journal: A Win for Arizona

Arizona’s Big Game Super Raffle tags help raise money for wildlife and provide hunters a unique opportunity to chase big game.

Coues Whitetail Journal: A Win for Arizona

Coues deer are found only in a few desert Southwest states including Arizona.

As a hunter and conservationist, I purchase a few of Arizona’s Big Game Super Raffle tags every year. The raffle is sponsored by the Arizona Game & Fish Department and conducted by volunteers of a 501(c)(3) sportsman group, AZBGSR. The mission: raise money for Arizona wildlife.

“Every dollar raised for each species by the raffle of these special big game tags is returned to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and managed by the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee (AHPC) for that particular species. With input from local habitat partners across the state, as well as the input from the organizations involved with the fundraising, they collectively determine which projects will provide the most benefit to each species represented.” - AZBGSR

The super raffle tags are coveted because they have few limitations, and the tag allows pursuit for one year across the state’s game units managed by the AGFD. Ultimately, the tags raise valuable funds for the management of Arizona’s wildlife.

This year, the money generated from the raffle raised $864,415. Over its 15 years, raffle sales have totaled $8,413,585! For more information, visit

Sheep Hunting Goals

With the ultimate goal of drawing a bighorn sheep tag, this year, I purchased several chances to win. Of course, as a Coues whitetail fanatic, I also purchased raffle tags for Coues whitetail too. This year, I spent a total of $300 on raffle tags for multiple species for myself, as well as for family and friends. I purchased a total of seven Coues whitetail raffle tags, totaling $70.

With the raffle chances in my back pocket — email really — I impatiently waited for the July 22 drawing. The drawing was broadcasted online. This year, I watched the event unfold on my phone as my wife and I enjoyed a show on Amazon Prime. I didn’t pay much attention while the first two species — that I hadn’t applied for — were drawn.

Then it came time to draw the Coues whitetail tag. To my disbelief and amazement, my phone began to ring while I watched the events unfold. The caller ID: “AZGFD!”

A Super Coues Tag As it turned out, I had a 7/5,634 (0.12%) chance of drawing the special tag, and I did! My hunt began Aug. 15, 2020; however, I have not yet been afield

In my opinion, Coues whitetail bucks’ antlers are not fully grown until approximately Sept. 1, so I am waiting a few more days to go in pursuit. As I do, my story will unfold here on Enjoy!


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