Video: Wedding Vows Interrupted by Grizzly Attacking Moose Calf

A bride and groom decide to hold a small impromptu wedding in Glacier National Park, and Mother Nature decides to interrupt in a most unexpected way.

Video: Wedding Vows Interrupted by Grizzly Attacking Moose Calf

The wedding ceremony was an unforgettable experience for all involved — but for reasons nobody anticipated. Just as the groom was about to finish his vows, a grizzly bear came bursting out of the brush on the north shore of Two Medicine Lake in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Everyone was in shock and awe as the grizzly chased down a moose calf and its mother across the lake. Those in attendance at the wedding said that they had seen the two moose only 10 minutes before, moving quickly through the forest further up the mountain. There’s a chance that the bear had been pursuing the pair for some time. In the end, the wedding guests were left with memories they would never forget and a newfound appreciation for the Park's diverse wildlife.

David Atchison wrote this in the YouTube comments section: “Groom here. This was such a wild and incredible experience that even now we are in awe. We chose to elope in the heart of nature at Glacier and knew what we were getting into. Always respect nature and wildlife. We’re thankful everyone is safe, and Stanton (who posted the video on YouTube) was able to capture this or no one would ever believe us!”

As you watch the video, play close attention at the 12-second mark; you can see the cow moose swimming away to the right. Viewing tip: Not much happens after the first 40 seconds of the video. That said, if you fast-forward to the 2:56 mark, you’ll hear the somewhat humorous discussion about whether the wedding party should move the ceremony to a different location along the shore, and opinions on whether the grizzly is done killing the calf — and how much more sound the bear and moose might make.


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