Video: Hunting Guide Blows Up Bear Lungs Like a Balloon

You know that a big game animal's lungs expand when filled with air, but you’ve never seen it demonstrated in this way.

Video: Hunting Guide Blows Up Bear Lungs Like a Balloon

Mark Dufresne posted the following text on Facebook in early September 2020. In the 2 years since posting his short video, it has nearly 560k views. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s likely you haven’t, too. (Note: “Brin” is the name of one of Mark’s tracking dogs.)

“Here is an interesting video from this weekend's youth bear hunt. This bear was shot with a bow by a youth hunter. After blood trailing for over 400 yards, we chose to pull out and return in the morning. Four of us returned with old Brin, and after about 30 minutes we found him bedded in the mud in an ice cold spring. We were able to dispatch him and recover the bear for the youth. I did this as a lesson for the hunters on shot placement. I think the parents were as amazed as the kids. The original shot was a bit too forward and low, only grazing the lung. It was a great lesson in shot placement that will stick with the kids.”

Click here to check out the one-of-a-kind video.


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