Video: Bowhunter Draws on Giant Brown Bear at 12 Yards

Spot and stalk bowhunting is always a challenge, and the stakes are raised to the highest level when pursuing Alaska brown bear.

Video: Bowhunter Draws on Giant Brown Bear at 12 Yards

KUIU's co-CEO Brendan Burns idolizes the legendary bowhunters of the last century, and has the chance to follow in their footsteps by pursuing the largest land predator in the world, Ursus arctos, the Alaska brown bear, with his Hoyt bow.

In this 17-minute video, Burns travels to the Alaska Peninsula to spot and stalk brown bear with outfitter Lance Kronberger. The hunt footage is fantastic, but my favorite parts of the video are the iconic bowhunting films and images that inspired Burns to take this challenging quest.

Obviously, you need to be in good shape for a big game bowhunt in Alaska. Even though Burns and crew aren’t hiking up and down mountains, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Case in point: If you listen close at the 9:15 mark of the video, you’ll hear Burns say the big boar is 4.5 miles away when they begin their stalk. 

As you watch the shot sequence unfold, keep in mind Kronberger has a rifle (and so does his fellow guide) and it’s up to him to decide whether to use it. After the arrow strikes the bear, Burns celebrates momentarily, then remembers “it’s not over until it’s over.” I won’t spoil the ending. Suffice it to say it gets intense.

P.S. You might be wondering: What does a hunt such as this one cost? Kronberger is currently booking for fall 2019 and spring 2020 brown bear hunts. Price for fall 2019 is $27,500, and spring 2020 is $30,000.


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