Video: Best Broadheads and Shot Angles for Black Bears

Outdoor writer and bear hunting outfitter Bernie Barringer discusses the best broadhead designs, as well as lethal shot angles, on black bears.

Video: Best Broadheads and Shot Angles for Black Bears

Bernie Barringer with a 500-pound bow-killed black bear.

Many deer hunters who book their first black bear hunt use their current deer gear for bears. Is this a good idea? Maybe.

Bernie Barringer (above) has been an avid black bear hunter for decades. To date, he’s tagged 28 black bears by bow, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to bear-specific archery gear, as well as identifying a bear’s vital area. In the YouTube video below, Barringer provides excellent tips on choosing the best broadhead designs for bears. Your current deer gear might be okay; Barringer gets into the details in his video. In addition, he discusses whether black bears will “jump the string” like whitetails, and how bears typically react after arrow impact.

As Barringer explains, the key when bowhunting black bears is achieving full penetration with your arrow/broadhead combo, and a low exit hole is preferred. This video is packed with outstanding information for anyone who has a black bear bowhunt on their fall or spring hunting schedule. Check it out.

P.S. Barringer is an outfitter in northern Minnesota for black bears; each year he hosts 12 bear hunters; six per week for two weeks beginning on September 1. Click here to learn more about booking a hunt with him.


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