Video: Bear Tears Down Christmas Decorations

A Ring doorbell captures video of a young black bear as it pulls down a homeowner’s front-step Christmas decorations.

Video: Bear Tears Down Christmas Decorations

Make no mistake: This young black bear in Naples, Florida, doesn’t hate Christmas. It doesn’t have a “bah humbug” attitude. It’s simply curious and likely a bit hungry.

As you’ll see below, a Ring video reveals a black bear pulling down a few Christmas decorations and then accidentally ringing the doorbell with its nose.

It takes a several seconds after the bear arrives on the scene, but eventually you’ll hear a dog bark a single time inside the home, then a few seconds later someone inside says loudly, “Bear, go away!” 

Of course, no black bear can understand English, and while you can train a dog to understand simple commands such as “sit,” “come,” “leave it” and “no,” the “go away” command doesn’t register in the bear’s brain. The strange sound (a human's voice) is what alerts the bear.

Maybe the homeowner should leave a bowl of eggnog on the front step to see if the visitor will return for an encore?


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