Hunter Fined $25,500 for Killing Grizzly Bear

A Wyoming hunter has been fined $25,500 for killing a grizzly bear following an investigation by state wildlife officials.

Hunter Fined $25,500 for Killing Grizzly Bear

A Wyoming hunter was fined $25,500 for killing a grizzly bear after state wildlife officials determined his claims of multiple attacks were untrue.

Brent Stalkup, 38, of Casper, was sentenced Nov. 19, 2018, in Park County Circuit Court, according to the Cody Enterprise

Stalkup was hunting elk in October 2017 about 14 miles northwest of Cody when he said a sow grizzly bear appeared near his camp. He said the bear approached three times, with his dog chasing it away the first time. He said on the third approach he shot the bear with his .22 caliber firearm, believing it was hit in in the hindquarters.

Stalkup reported it to the Wyoming Game & Fish department. Conservation officer Scott Werbelow investigated and did not believe Stalkup's story.

“There was no evidence of second and third attacks,” Werbelow said. “I think he saw the bear died and got scared.”

Werbelow said his investigation of the scene showed the bear's paw prints in snow "were about 33 yards from his camp."

“It appeared not in self defense,” he said. “I think he killed it to get it out of camp.”

Along with his fine, Stalkup is prohibited from hunting, fishing or trapping for one year beginning Jan. 1, 2019.


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