Brave Maine Woman Bashes Bitey Black Bear

A woman in Maine stood her ground against a black bear in her yard, punching it in the face before it bit her and ran off.

Brave Maine Woman Bashes Bitey Black Bear

A Maine Woman fought back when an angry black bear attacked her dog. Photo:

A woman in Maine punched a black bear in the nose after it chased her dog, and then received treatment for a bite wound to her wrist from the bonked bruin. The Maine Warden Service investigated after 64-year-old Lynn Kelly of Porter reported the incident that happened in her backyard in late June.

Kelley was working in her garden when her dog, Scooby, barked several times and ran into the woods. Moments later it yelped, and then returned to the yard with a black bear chasing it. Kelly posted up on the bear, which stood up to her. She punched the bear in the nose, and it then bit her right hand and wrist. It released her and ran into the woods. Kelly called 911 and received treatment at Memorial Hospital in North Conway. State officials say the bear had been seen previously in nearby yards eating birdseed. It was not seen again, though, in the immediate days after the provoked attack.

However, one of Kelly’s neighbors said while out running that a black bear cub ran across in front of her. She stopped, telling WGME-TV she assumed the sow would be nearby, and retreated to a nearby home.

Maine wildlife officials put out traps and caught a bear in the area. The 2-year-old, 140-pound bear was euthanized and tested for rabies. DNA tests showed a match to saliva left on Kelly’s arm during the attack.

Porter is located near the border of Maine and New Hampshire. Maine has one of the nation’s largest black bear populations and a hunting season that begins annually in late August.


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