Bowhunting Video: Brown Bear Arrowed at 12 Yards!

A brown bear responds to your prey-in-distress call, and now it’s facing you at 12 yards. Decision time!

Bowhunting Video: Brown Bear Arrowed at 12 Yards!

Kodiak Island, Alaska, is home to a healthy population of brown bears, and in this 7-minute video Michael Hunsucker, host of the Heartland Bowhunter TV show, is in the field on day 12 of a 16-day adventure. His guide is high school friend Cole Kramer, and as you’ll see, Kramer uses prey-in-distress calls, combined with some bear growls, to lure in a mature boar from nearby brush.

Obviously, a head-on shot is less than ideal on big game with archery gear, but in this case Hunsucker has little choice but to send the arrow. He’s using a tough NAP Hellrazor cut-on-contact fixed-blade broadhead, and as the video proves, the one-piece solid-steel head does its job.

Hunsucker said this about the arrow/broadhead performance: “Went straight through the heart, hit the shoulder blade, deflected and exited the hind quarter, full pass-through. Pretty crazy!”


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