8 Must-See Predator Rifle Barrels, Accessories

Check out these rifle barrels and accessories for predator hunters that can help you better enjoy time in the field.

8 Must-See Predator Rifle Barrels, Accessories

Shaw Barrels creates custom barrels and firearms for a  wide range of calibers and sizes, including the popular .350 Legend straight-wall cartridge preferred by some deer and hog hunters. (Photo: Alan Clemons)

Predator hunters usually want the best gear possible to be more successful, from top-grade camo and warm clothing to blistering ammo and light rifles.

Here are eight editor's selections that fit the bill in the latter category. No one enjoys toting a heavy rifle afield. Check out these rifle barrels and accessories that can help you better enjoy time pursuing coyotes and other predators.

Christensen Arms AR-15 Carbon Fiber Barrel

Designed using precision engineering adopted from the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms’ AR-15 carbon-fiber barrels are crafted using a proprietary layered design that offers marksmen superior accuracy and performance.

The barrel lining is made from match-grade 416R stainless steel and is measured to a tolerance of +/- .0001. For predator hunters, the 16-inch .223 barrel weighs just 1 pound, 9.3 ounces, comes with a gas tube and .936-inch gas block and 1/2x28 threaded muzzle for .223/5.56 calibers — 5/8x24 for 300 Blackout and 6.5 Gendel calibers. When it comes to accuracy, Christensen Arms carbon-fiber barrels have the performance serious hunters and shooters demand. MSRP: $695.

Criterion AR-15 SBR Hybrid Barrel

Criterion Hybrid Contour AR-15 barrels offer an ideal mid-weight balance for hunters and shooters seeking extreme accuracy without the added weight of a heavier profile.

A unique chrome-lining process maintains uniformity throughout the bore and hand-lapping helps ensure smooth, consistent lands and grooves. Gas ports are optimized for barrel length and chambering to help ensure reliable cycling. All models have an M4 barrel extension and are threaded for 1/2×28 muzzle devices. Chambers are finished, but barrels should be head-spaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith.

Available in 10 1/2- and 12 1/2-inch .223 Wylde versions with a 1:8-inch twist for enhanced accuracy potential with both .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO ammunition. MSRP: $289.99/Optional: BCM Bolt Assembly (+$80); BCM Bolt Carrier Group (+$199.95).

Faxon Firearms .350 Legend Rifle Barrels

Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio,-based manufacturer of quality rifle and pistol components, is expanding its popular Gunner line of barrels to include the new .350 Legend straight-wall cartridge.

The Gunner profile is a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov’t. and Pencil. Faxon’s Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov’t. profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile. The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back toward the shooter’s body, limiting fatigue and allowing for all-day shooting, training or hunting.

Three barrel lengths are available: 12 1/2-inch Gunner Profile/Pistol-Length; 16-inch Gunner Profile/Carbine-Length; and 20-inch, Gunner Profile/Carbine-Length. MSRP: $185-$225. 

Green Mountain Predator Combo

Got varmints? No problem. Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company can help. In fact, it has been providing hunters and competition shooters with high-quality barrels since 1976, made with pride and attention to detail.

For serious predator hunters, GMRB offers replacement barrels and upgrades for AR-15, 10-22 and RPR platforms in .22 LR, 5.56mm or Wylde options. With a reputation for accuracy built on a history of setting records in national shooting competitions, GMRB takes no short cuts or makes any compromises to deliver a product that out-performs the customer’s highest expectations. MSRP: $117.95-$209.95.

 Krieger Barrels is producing pre-fit barrels for Savage bolt-action rifles.
Krieger Barrels is producing pre-fit barrels for Savage bolt-action rifles.

Krieger Pre-Fit Savage Arms Barrels

Savage rifle fans will be excited to learn that Krieger Barrels is now producing pre-fit barrels for Savage bolt-action rifles. These custom barrels are threaded, chambered and crowned — ready to be installed by a competent gunsmith with the proper tools and headspace gauges.

Customers can custom order large (1.120-inch) and small (1.060-inch) shank diameters, and should specify when ordering which caliber/cartridge, shank diameter and standard or if custom contour dimensions are desired. Added options include fluting, muzzle threads and matte bead-blast finish — each at Krieger’s standard additional pricing.

Contact Krieger Barrels to see what chamberings are available, or for advice about one that they might be able to accommodate at (262) 628-8558. MSRP: $515/Savage Pre-fit with no additional options in 6.5mm.

Rise Armament RA-905 Handguard

The RA-905 Handguard from Rise Armament is now available in two new lengths and four new colors — adding 7 1/2-inch and 10 1/2-inch models to the already existing 13 1/2-inch and 15-inch versions. The new RA-905 Handguards come in four new colors — Rise Red, Patriot Blue, Viking Iron and Spartan Bronze.

Durable yet lightweight, the RA-905 is M-LOK compatible and has an interrupted Picatinny upper rail. It has six quick-disconnect mounting points that span 360 degrees around the handguard for maximum customization. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the slip-on handguard is simple to install and features anti-rotation and anti-slip technology and its free-floating design increases accuracy. The slim center is easy and comfortable to grip for more controlled, accurate shooting. MSRP: $189.99. 

Shaw Barrels .350 Legend Conversion Kit

Owners of existing AR-platform rifles can now convert to Winchester’s hot new .350 Legend using Shaw Barrels’ surprisingly affordable conversion kit.

The .350 Legend, which now justly owns the title, “The world’s fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge,” is designed to convert any AR-platform rifle into what Winchester claims is a 250-yard cartridge. The .350 Legend will be especially welcomed by black bear, wild hog and other big game hunters.

The Shaw Barrels conversion kits include: 16-inch 416R stainless steel H-Bar barrel; upper with forward assist and dust cover; A2 flash hider; .750-inch gas block, carbine-length gas system; choice of 12- or 15-inch free-float handguard with T-Mod rail system; and a 10-round .350 Legend magazine. MSRP: $475 installed.

White Oak Armament .223/5.56 Predator 

Built with predator and varmint hunters in mind, White Oak Armament’s 20-inch Predator barrel with gas manifold provides the accuracy hunters are looking for in a lighter configuration.

The Predator profile is a mid-weight varmint barrel that weighs about half a pound lighter than the company’s standard varmint barrels. Chambered in .223/5.56, this stainless-steel match grade barrel has an 11-degree target crown and 1:8-inch twist and comes with a fitted .875-inch gas manifold. Its custom varmint chamber accommodates .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO ammunition. Diameter under the handguard is .900-inch, at the gas block .875-inch and forward of the gas block .760-inch.

This barrel has a rifle length gas system, M4 feed ramps and optional fluting is available. MSRP: $285.


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