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M-9991 Mini Game Camera

Whitetail Journal Giveaway

Moultrie, the market leader in trail cameras and game feeders, introduces Moultrie Mobile™, a technologically advanced trail camera system which allows hunters to view images and control cameras remotely over the internet.

Moultrie has partnered with the nation’s leading cellular network for the best possible coverage, allowing hunters to download hi-res images and manage their game whenever, wherever, and however they want.

The Moultrie Mobile system uses a field modem — which can be moved from camera to camera. The MV1 Field Modem is compatible with multiple models of Moultrie cameras at various price points, including most 2015 models sold over the past year.

When images are captured, hunters can be notified through text, email or via the free Mobile App. The Moultrie Mobile website and mobile apps (IOS and Android) will offer the most robust photo management features available on the market, giving hunters the ability to organize, analyze and share their photo collections. Affordable monthly plans require no contract, no commitment, no activation fee, and no cancellation fees.

For more than 35 years, Moultrie has been developing the best, most innovative, and effective hunting products in the world. And for all that time, they have been giving hunters the unmatched ability to plan and execute perfect hunts. Now, no matter where you are you’ll always have eyes on your land.

Code Blue

D/Code Scent Elimination Products

Whitetail Journal GiveawayCode Blue®, the industry leader in attractant scents, cover scents and scent elimination products for hardcore hunters, introduces D/CODE™—a brand new and superior means of destroying human scent than has previously been available to hunters.

A successful hunt hinges on what game animals smell and what they don’t—and that’s exactly where D/CODE excels. Code Blue’s comprehensive and extensive line of advanced scent eliminators delivers the ultimate in “olfactory camouflage” with the patented odor-eliminating power of Silver Scent® technology. From head to toe, and from the shower to the field, the full line of D/CODE products has been meticulously formulated to help hunters take scent management to unprecedented levels.

The development of the silver nanoparticle, also known as nanosilver, which is in microscopic size, is able to invade and break-up bacteria and other odor-causing microorganisms. This results in a product that has the capability to destroy more human scent than other elements, and doing it in a short amount of time.

A common mistake many hunters make—especially whitetail hunters—is relaxing their scent-control practices during the summer months, inadvertently patterning deer to their presence, even while walking to and from game cameras and trimming around treestands, trailing a slew of human and forest-foreign odors in their path. Scent control needs to be a lifestyle.

That’s why D/CODE—the complete scent elimination system—features a full range of products for both pre-hunt and all-season use. Once you experience first-hand how well the D/CODE products work, you’ll never hunt without D/CODE again.

D/CODE Highlighted Features:

  • Supercharged Silver Scent® molecules actively seek and destroy all three scent-creating microbial types: bacteria, mold and viruses
  • Diverse range of products offer hunters a complete, odor-killing system: body care, clothing care and in-field scent maintenance care

Knight & Hale

Game Calls
Whitetail Journal Giveaway

Hunters rely on Knight & Hale for the most compelling, natural-sounding game calls on the market. Our standards of performance, reliability, and realism are unparalleled. That’s why hunters consistently take Knight & Hale calls into the field, and that’s why our calls win countless world championships. Knight & Hale is the authority for innovative turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game, and big game calls. Whatever your prey, when Knight & Hale calls, wildlife answers.


Kicks Industries 

Buckkicker Shotgun Choke

Whitetail Journal Giveaway

Designed to control buckshot loads with more consistency than ever before, Buck Kicker Chokes are available in several constrictions that can handle shot sizes from 000 to #4 Buck. Finished in matte black, Buck Kicker Chokes are available for most 12,20 and 10 gauge models. Our best selling Buck Kickers are now also available in camouflage.

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