The Deluxe Kill Suit ghillie gives you the ability to disappear in plain sight and blend into your surroundings using the best camouflage system on the market. The price includes a complete four-piece Kill Suit: Jacket (with hood and face veil attached), pants, gun wrap and handy storage bag! The unique design features strips of lightweight digital camo material sewn to underlining.

The deadly enhanced camouflage appearance is achieved through the use of a special polyester material weave and specially chosen digital camo colorations and combinations which duplicate natural earth tone colorations and accentuate the 'fade out" and camouflage affect on the human form—especially the upper torso and head and shoulder area.

The Kill Suit weighs under two pounds, and is designed to be worn over jeans and a shirt. Exhaustively field tested to identify the best color combinations in varied terrains'. The suits are available in either Wicked Woods Digital Camo (Woodland, Juniper, Cedar) camouflage or Triple "D" Digital Camo (Deadly Digital Desert/Grassland).

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