For those that followed my Life Of A Bowhunter In Turkey Season blog, this is my big finale.

No, it’s no Hollywood production, and it wasn’t meant to be. This is just a video created by a passionate bowhunter – a bowhunter who had a dream of killing three toms in three states using archery tackle and capturing all of those hunts on video.

Mission accomplished.

Not only was I blessed to harvest three longbeards in three states and capture it all on video, I did manage to harvest a bonus jake in Nebraska. After all, it just wouldn’t be a Jace Bauserman turkey season if a jake didn’t hit the dirt.

I hope you enjoy this compilation video documenting my spring season. I hope you learn a thing or two about hunting birds with a bow. I hope it inspires you to get out in the woods next year with your video camera and capture memories you can watch time and time again.

I would also like to thank my good friends Scott Sanderford, Jason Weaver and Terron Bauer for taking time out of their schedules to run a video camera and let me access their little slices of turkey heaven. I appreciate more than they will ever know.

Until next spring, keep dreaming big!