Bowhunters chasing turkeys this spring and fall will have another great broadhead option to look for at their local archery pro shop. The Kill Switch from Third Kind Blinds is a first-of-its-kind mechanical decapitation broadhead with Forward Blade Deployment™ technology.

Measuring 1-3/4” closed in flight, the 150-grain Kill Switch boasts a whopping 5” deployed cutting surface to ensure a quick, clean kill.

The company owners, Victor and Danyelle Rowley, worked with industry-veteran Keith Beam to develop the new broadhead. Extensive testing with fast and moderate speed bows as well as crossbows confirmed the broadhead shoots like a field point while delivered killing penetration at distances out to 50+ yards.

Best of all, according to Beam, there’s no need to used different length arrows or special feathers with the Kill Switch. “Just screw it on your arrows and hunt,” he says.

The Kill Switch is available in a 3-pack with an MSRP of $39.99.