The nation’s top shooting industry lobby group recently donated $10,000 to a military veterans’ organization that helps fund hunting trips for disabled and injured active duty military troops to help them heal from the wounds of war.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation decided for the second year to cancel its Christmas card mailing to members, and instead made the $10,000 contribution to Honored American Veterans Afield to help pay for hunts and an annual family day for veterans’ children and loved ones.

“NSSF was an early supporter of the HAVA idea that the shooting sports industry should make a strong statement in support of those American heroes who have suffered serious injuries in defense of freedom,” said HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor. “Their financial support is pivotal for us, but more important is their help in educating our entire industry about the cause.”

The vet organization has been around for nearly ten years and was formed by several companies in the shooting and outdoor industry to help “disabled veterans with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities,” HAVA says. Sponsors of the organization include Mossberg, Smith & Wesson, Hornady and Leupold.

This year's donation from the NSSF will go towards funding events in 2015 for about 1,000 vets.

“HAVA’s mission is top of mind particularly during this holiday season, and NSSF is pleased to offer our continuing support to their efforts on behalf of our membership,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF President. “HAVA was started by shooting industry people, and they run it today with a pro-gun, pro-veteran and pro-family focus that speaks to our core values.”