They say close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Certainly, “close” is not an option for a hunter. “Spot-on” means you’re going home successful, whether you define that by the meat you put on the table, by the bone you hang on the wall, or simply by the satisfaction of knowing that you pulled together all the elements a hunt requires and achieved your goal.

“Close” means you take home some memories — and they’re not all necessarily good memories.

The difference between “spot-on” and “close” is often a good rangefinder. A good one takes a lot of the guesswork out of judging distance.

What makes a rangefinder good?

Well, it has to be accurate, obviously. And you want it to be reliable — no one wants to make a trip out West only to have their rangefinder choose that moment to quit working. A good rangefinder is also easy to use, and it should be comfortable in the hand.

Halo Optics is one rangefinder company that strives to produce good rangefinders that meet the needs of pretty much any hunter. And given Halo’s wide selection of rangefinders, it’s safe to say that if you need a rangefinder, Halo has one for you.

And what makes Halo rangefinders stand out? Here are a few Halo technologies that go into these handy gadgets:

  • Minimum 6X Magnification: Halo rangefinders offer either 6X magnification (some models offer 8X — visit for more information), which allows an up-close and clear view of your target.
  • AI Technology: That stands for “angle intelligence.” Powered by Opti-Logic Technology, this accounts for the angle to the target for a more accurate read.
  • Scan Mode: Ranging multiple targets? Scan mode allows for constant ranging, which means you can get the information you need quicker and without having to depress the button time and time again.

The Halo Optics XRAY series offers a number of great choices, including the XRAY 1000 and the XRAY 800.

The Halo XRAY 1000

The XRAY 1000 provides accurate ranging out to a maximum 1,000 yards to a reflective target. This rangefinder boasts 6X magnification. It also offers a dusk/dawn display mode for low-light ranging. The XRAY 1000 is precise to +/- one yard. This water-resistant rangefinder comes with a one-year warranty, one CR2 lithium-ion battery and a nylon case.

A second member of the XRAY line, the XRAY 800 shares a number of features with the XRAY 1000 — 6X magnification, a dawn/dusk display mode and accurate ranging to +/- one yard. Like the XRAY 1000, it’s water-resistant and comes with Halo’s one-year warranty, a CR2 lithium-ion battery and a nylon case. The difference, as you can probably tell from the name, is the range. The XRAY 800 has a maximum range of 800 yards to a reflective target.

The Halo XRAY 800

Both the XRAY 1000 and the XRAY 800 feature Halo’s AI technology and the convenient scan mode, making them even more user-friendly.

If your outdoor activities are limited to playing horseshoes, you probably don’t need a rangefinder. But if you’re going to invest time and money chasing game animals, know the distance with a good rangefinder.