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I do it, and you probably do it, too. You go to the range, empty your magazine by hand and save the high-dollar defensive hollow points you carry for personal protection and then jam in the cheap full-metal jackets to punch silhouette targets. There’s no shame in it. We’ve all got to stretch a dollar as far as we can. But what are we sacrificing?

I carry a Smith & Wesson Shield in 9mm. It’s also equipped with a Crimson Trace Laser. If I sight my laser in with the cheap ammo, chances are my higher-grade defensive hollow points will impact differently. So that means I’ve got to shoot my expensive ammo as well if I want to be sure of accuracy. Also, if you’re not shooting your defense rounds repeatedly, then you really don’t know if they are going to consistently work in your handgun — which is critical in a self-defense situation.

That’s why Federal introduced the Train + Protect round. These Versatile Hollow Points are not only designed for the range, but to actually carry in your handgun for protection. The Versatile Hollow Point is a jacketed hollow point that provides reliable accuracy while also expanding to a larger diameter upon impact, making them ideal for self-defense. They come with reloadable brass and reliable primers for consistent function and velocities.

The Federal Train + Protect rounds are offered in a 50- and 100-count boxes and come in 9mm 115-grain VHP (1,160 fps/344 ft./lbs.) .40 S&W 180-grain VHP (990 fps/392 ft./lbs.) and .45 Auto 230-grain VHP (850 fps/369 ft./lbs.). The best part is the price. The 9mm round has an MSRP of $30.95, but I’ve seen it online for close to $20 per 50-count box.

Check out the Federal Train + Protect if you’re looking for a bullet that you can reliably train with and confidently carry for personal protection. www.federalpremium.com