Hunters have been known to capture some crazy things on camera during deer season, but this may be one for the books. In the video below by LampoFilm, one Minnesota bowhunter lands his arrow in a big bedded buck on the last day of the season. However, seemingly upon impact from the arrow, the buck sheds his antlers as he jumps up and attempts to run away.

More than likely, this buck was just ready to shed his antlers at any given moment, and when he jumped up after being shot with the arrow, that triggered them to fall off. Many Minnesota bucks shed their antlers in mid-January, so this guy was right on schedule. This must have been a disappointment for the bowhunter, who placed his arrow right in the kill zone from nearly 45 yards away, as this buck would have made a nice mount. However, he made a great shot and got to put meat on the table, and that’s the most important thing.

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