Victory Archery, the leader in hi-modulus all-carbon arrow tubing and producer of the world’s finest all carbon arrows, is proudly introducing a newly developed aluminum nock. Recognizing the sophistication in technologies in the archery industry, engineers at Victory Archery have developed the strongest most accurate nock available in today’s market; a machined aluminum alloy precision nock.

The new Victory nocks are manufactured from aerospace grade, 7075 aluminum and CNC machined to the tightest tolerances providing a precision nock like no others before. The incredible combination of these unequivocally precise nocks and Victory arrows contribute to consistent extreme accuracy shot after shot.

The aluminum alloy nocks are unsurpassed in their strength and durability, nearly eliminating wear and breakage, and are anodized for additional strength and durability in an assortment of different colors. Steve Greenwood, General Manager of Victory Archery said, “The Victory Archery engineers and our R & D departments have worked countless hours in the development and testing of the aluminum alloy nocks. Our new “R” nocks for our newly introduced R.I.P. arrows and “V” nocks for our ever popular VAP arrows are indestructible and durable but even more important, they are precise, meaning the archer will benefit with consistent arrow accuracy.”

To increase your tournament scores and have complete confidence in your archery ammo, look to Victory Archery innovations in arrow technologies.